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Quick and Easy Workout For a Bigger Butt

Author: Lee Bell

February 23rd 2018

In this beginners guide to developing a sexy booty, rounder butt and all-round athletic and curvy lower body we take you through the best easy gym workout.

Let’s welcome in the time of the curvy and athletic woman with open arms.

It’s about time that we embraced healthy, womanly figures in all their glory. This is the age of the bigger butt.

It’s no longer about the thin, waif-like look we’ve tried to achieve before.

That look has been and gone.

Now it’s all about a bigger ass, shapely glutes and strong, sexy curves.

It’s about growing a butt so big that it’ll squeeze the life out of your jeans and turn heads as you strut along the street.

And in this article we take you through every step to achieve your goals.

If you’re a beginner on the journey to bigger butt gains and looking for an easy gym program to get you started, this is the training guide for you.

What does this program cover?

Goal:Muscle building
Aimed at:Beginner
Program duration:4-8 weeks
Workout duration:30-45 minutes
Equipment needed:Barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell, body weight,

How to Build Glutes for Beginners

All women want to build a defined rear that looks shapely and sculpted. They want it to help form a sexy silhouette but also showcase their overall health and athleticism.

And rightly so.

There’s nothing more confidence-building than feeling comfortable in a pair of tight jeans or a summer skirt. Even more so when you feel confident naked too.

But building a butt that you’re proud of takes planning, effort and time.

Some women want to develop not a only a great pair of glutes, but athletic and lean legs too. Others want to focus on just a huge booty that gets all the attention.

This is a program that allows you to achieve everything you’re after, no matter what your goal is. But it is centered around beginners who need to focus on the basic movements and patterns.

If you think you have a decent foundation of strength and experience, you might be more suited to our bikini body workout plan for the gym which targets a more intermediate level.

It’s important to be honest with yourself though – if you’re not ready for more advanced programs then don’t rush into things.

Just because this is a beginner plan doesn’t mean it wont get you great results.

The main aim of this easy gym workout program is to:

  • Develop a killer butt that fills your jeans and boosts your booty
  • Increase your confidence and get you beach ready
  • Improve your overall strength training skills and prepare you for more advanced butt training programs

Different muscles of the glutes

Glutes is short for gluteals – the group of individual muscle that make up your buttocks or ‘butt’. It’s a Latin word that derives from gloutos. 

We don’t want to turn this into a full on biology less, but it is important that you understand the basics of the butt as a beginner. That way you understand why you’re performing each exercise and not just how.

You might have tried what feels like an endless number of squats in the past, but not really got anywhere. And while squats can be a great booty builder, they are just one weapon in your arsenal.

A good glute workout should be well-rounded and structured. It shouldn’t focus on just one exercise.

In the long-term, success comes from hitting your lower body from a variety of angles.

The section below shows that because the group of muscles that make up your glutes are responsible for different types of movements, no one exercise will target everything.

In order to fully work towards a bigger butt you have to target all three muscles.

Gluteus maximus: This muscle is pretty much the largest muscle in your body, and one of the most powerful too. If you want a bigger butt, this is the muscle to spend the most time on. They support your body by extending your leg behind you, help you pull your knees apart and also rotate your thighs outwards.

Gluteus medius: Your medius is a much smaller butt muscle located on the outside of your legs and hips. It isn’t as strong as your maximus, but is important in helping you maintain pelvic stability when you walk. If you didn’t have this muscle, you’d only be able to shuffle as you walk as you wouldn’t be able to lift your leg from the floor. It is also responsible for a movement called abduction which means moving your leg out to the side of your body like during a karate kick or the splits.

Glute minimus: It’s the smallest of the three glutes, but just as important. Located just below your medius and shaped like a triangle, minimus is responsible for assisting your medius during abduction movements and hip stability.

Beginner Glute Workout at the Gym: What You Need to Know

In this program we’re coming in hard with precise and accurate glute-building exercises, ordered in a way that optimizes results, fast.

Were going for detail here, to maximize lower body sculpting and head-turning booty.

Here’s what you need to know about your program…

Implement progressive overload for great-looking glutes

The human body is actually pretty lazy.

Unless you’re giving it a real excuse to improve and grow it will just sit back and relax.

Progressive overload refers to choosing rep ranges, weights and exercises that are challenging. They specifically take you out of your comfort zone and force your body to adapt.

Using rep ranges, weights and exercises that challenge you is a surefire way of breaking down the barriers to new muscle growth and shapely curves.

So if we tell you to choose a weight that fatigues you within 8-12 reps, you shouldn’t be able to squeeze out 13 or more – no matter how hard you try. It doesn’t matter how good your beginner bigger butt plan is – you’ve still got to bring your game face and give it your all.

Vary your rep range to develop a killer booty

Muscles are rarely made up of the same type of muscle fibers. And your glutes are no different as have their own specific ‘composition’ when it comes to their fiber architecture.

  • 70% Slow twitch – these muscle fibers need to be targeted with higher reps and lower weights. They are quite small in size but can still grow with weight training.
  • 30% fast twitch – the more explosive and powerful fast twitch fibers can be targeted with heavier weight and lower reps. They grow quickly and can increase in size considerably.

If you limit yourself to the same rep ranges and weights for each exercise you really will limit your potential for muscle growth.

Using weights that aren’t testing your body won’t give you the figure you deserve.

In this beginner program you’ll notice that we’ve varied the weights you’ll use and the rep ranges you’ll incorporate.

That way you’re always providing your body with a novel and challenging stimulus.

Zone in on your ‘mind-to-muscle’ connection to grow a bigger butt

Being more conscious about your glute muscles when you train them is one of the secrets of better lower body training.

The mind-to-muscle connection, or muscle intent, refers to focusing not just on moving a weight with your glutes, but also squeezing the muscle.

Intent is a powerful tool for booty muscle growth as it teaches you to blank out distractions and maximize how you move a muscle. This helps with overall development as it reduces how much your other muscles are involved during an exercise, and helps to better hit the target muscle.

The key is to ‘feel’ the muscle working by focusing your attention on how it moves the weight during each exercise.

Don’t just rely on one exercise

Hip thrusts, squats and lunges are all brilliant booty- builders.

But on their own they’re unlikely to help you unlock a truly beautiful butt. Remember, the gluteals are made up of a group of different muscles, each with their own roles.

To really develop a great rear you need a program that covers all core movements – extension of the hip, abduction and some external rotation too.

In this plan you’ll be using the following kinds of movements:

  • Hip hinges
  • Squats
  • Lunges

In terms of ordering your program, it makes sense to go with the heavier movements first -the ones that allow you to lift some big weights and really chip away at your booty to spark some real muscle growth.

As your workout progresses, you can then implement lighter exercises that overload your muscles with less weight. This is when you can use your mind-to-muscle connection much more.

It’s a ‘best of both worlds’ approach to a rounded, curvier butt.

Athletic woman lifting weights in the gym in a blue sports top and black gloves

Beginner Glute Exercise Program

Before you start any workout it’s important that you perform a proper warm up. Not only will it make your workout safer, it’ll also make it more productive.

A simple 2-3 minute jog on a treadmill or a 500 meter row will increase your body temperature. It’ll also directly warm up your glutes and hips too.

Once you’ve done that you can go through a light intensity mobility session that involves activities to switch on your nervous system and trigger your mind-to-muscle connection.

This can include:

  • Glute bridge
  • Hip flexor stretch
  • Prisoner or air squats

To give you the very best running start we’ve add 2 different workouts for you in this plan. One of them uses a kettlebell (but you can also use a dumbbell too) and the other focuses more on barbell work.

You can vary these to keep things interesting, or you could base it on what equipment you have at your gym.

We want you aiming to perform one of these sessions 3 times per week to make the best progress.


Workout 1: Barbell and body weight

Number Exercise Reps SetsRest period
1Barbell hip thrust6-102-32-3 minutes
2Barbell deadlift8-122-32-3 minutes
2Barbell kneeling squat12-152-32-3 minutes
3Alternate lateral lunges8-12 each side2-32-3 minutes
4Side plank30-60 seconds each side2-3 2-3 minutes

Workout 2: Kettlebells and dumbbells

Number Exercise Reps SetsRest period
1Dumbbell Romanian deadlift6-102-32-3 minutes
2Dumbbell Bulgarian split squat6-10 each side2-32-3 minutes
2Kettlebell frog pump12-152-32-3 minutes
3Dumbbell back lunges8-12 each side2-32-3 minutes
4Kettlebell goblet squat15-202-3 2-3 minutes

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