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Daily Workout for Women – Get Fit Quick!

Author: Lee Bell

February 22nd 2018

In this guide we tell you the best daily workout routines and exercise sessions to get fit quick.

A thought suddenly pops into your head.

In just 4 weeks time you’ve got that school reunion or wedding event you’ve been dreading.

You know you want to get in shape for it and look your best, but you’re now concerned you’ve left it too late.

You know you need to get fit as fast as possible!

Can you really shift the excess pounds and get fit quick?

Yes, you can.

With a little bit of hard work, you can drop fat, gain lean curves and ramp your fitness up to levels you never though possible.

In this detailed guide we give you the very best advice to maximize fat loss and fitness results in less than 4 weeks.

What does this program cover?

Goal:Fat loss, fitness
Aimed at:Beginner level women
Program duration:4 weeks
Workout duration:45-60 minutes
Equipment needed:Barbell, dumbbell, body weight

Getting into Shape for Beginners

Finding the motivation to start a weight loss program or daily workout schedule can be tough.

But for whatever reason, you woke up this morning and thought “hell, this is it – I’m going to get in shape and I’m going to do it as quickly as possible!”

Maybe you have a special occasion coming up that you want to look your best for.

It might be that your friends have roped you into doing a charity race next month.

It doesn’t matter why; it just matters that you’re ready to make a start. And with the right motivation, attitude and tools you can make drastic changes to your body in a matter of weeks.

Fast results with the right program

Getting fit in the fastest time possible will take more than just the odd workout here and there.

It’s going to take a more holistic, daily lifestyle-based change that includes diet, exercise and daily physical activities.

If you bring the energy, we’ll give you everything you need to turn your figure around and get as fit as you ever have been.

Stick to the plan and get fit

One of the hardest parts of losing fat or getting fit quickly is building positive habits that support your goals.

You might have tried to lose weight in the past only to fail because your diet wasn’t right.

Or maybe it was because you couldn’t quite reach your fitness goals because you were too quick to give up during those cardio sessions.

A good exercise and diet plan is one that you can adhere to.

Getting into the habit of eating healthily, moving more frequently and exercising harder takes determination and willpower.

To get fit quickly you’ll need to optimize your behavior to target your body from all angles.

Identify your barriers to success

You can’t workout daily if you’re skipping sessions.

Taking some time to work out what your potential barriers might be will help you to avoid them in advance. That way, you’re much more likely to hit your targets.

Here are a few common barriers you might come across on a daily fitness or fat loss program:

  • Lack of time – even a short 30 minute home workout will accelerate your fitness. If you can’t get to the gym, try an express workout in your living room.
  • Loss of motivation – invite a friend to workout with you, join social groups online for accountability. Write your workout times in a calendar like you would any other appointment.
  • Low in confidence – select activities that are easy, accessible and build confidence.
  • You just don’t like exercise – there are hundreds of types of daily workouts out there. It’s all about finding one you enjoy.

There’s a way around any barrier – you just have to plan in advance. And if quick fitness is your goal, you can’t leave anything to chance.

Blonde-haired woman athlete performing dumbbell triceps extension

Top 10 Exercise Tips: How to Get Fit, Quick

When it comes to quick and dirty fitness, you’re going to need every hint, tip and trick on your side.

Adding these motivational fitness and nutrition hacks into your daily routine will have you bursting the fitness barrier in no time.

#1. Fat loss only occurs in a calorie deficit

If you’re not only wanting to get fit quick but get leaner from your daily workout as well, calories are hugely important.

Burning off more than you put in your body is the absolute fundamental of fat loss. It doesn’t matter how hard you hit your workouts each day, if you’re eating too much you’ll just not burn enough fat to make a difference.

Calorie-controlled dieting is what’s needed here.

If you aren’t sure exactly how much you should eat each day for weight loss you can use our calorie calculator at the bottom of this article.

#2. Choose a diet that supports your goals

Whether you decide to follow a basic restrictive diet, or more flexible macro-led way of eating is up to you.

It doesn’t matter if you follow a low-carb, paleo, keto, gluten free or juice diet. The only way it promotes fat loss is by helping you achieve a calorie deficit.

So stick with whatever works for you.

Here are a few tips for a healthy diet that boosts your chances of reaching a deficit, and being able to stay there:

  • Eat lots of vegetables – these provide a high volume of food for very few calories.
  • Get enough protein – aiming for 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight will boost your metabolism, help you develop lean muscle and keep you feeling fuller for longer.
  • Treat yourself every now and then – eating flexibly and being able to have guilt free treats will really help you stick to your diet.

#3. Regular, short workouts help to get you fit, fast

Keeping your workouts sharp and punchy will help to keep things productive.

Research shows that shorter, more frequent workouts can help you get fit quick because they maximize calorie burn in a short space of time. They continue to burn calories after your workout too, as your body uses excess energy to ‘restore’ itself.

As fitness workouts go, they’re very effective.

And let’s be right – long, drawn out workouts at moderate intensity can be boring… and time consuming too.

One of the most productive types of workout out there is high-intensity interval training – a type of cardio interval workout using periods of hard, all-out intensity followed by recovery intervals.

It’s brutal… but great for getting fit fast.

#4. Keep moving!

Higher-intensity workouts are great calorie burners.

But they’re not an excuse to relax for the remaining hours that you’re awake.

Being active as much as possible throughout the day burns a surprisingly high number of calories – and it all adds up to that deficit you’re trying to achieve for fat loss.

Walking, housework, dancing, gardening and sex are all great, low-intensity activities that will supplement your get fit quick daily workout schedules.

#5. Lift weights to shift weight

There’s no need to fear strength training.

It won’t make you bulky and it won’t turn you into an overnight bodybuilder.

What it will do though is add curves and shape to your figure and help you accentuate the areas of your body that you want to focus on, whether that’s your arms, your legs or your booty.

Not only that, strength training is a great way to improve muscular fitness, support your aerobic activities and burn calories too.

High-intensity resistance training is a great way to combine strength training with cardio to get fit quick and add rocket fuel to your war on body fat.

#6. Try prepping your meals in advance

When you’re caught short, you’re feeling hungry and you’ve nothing healthy in sight, you’re much more likely to stray from your diet and grab something high in calories.

Taking the time to prepare your meals in advance means you have greater control over the nutrient density and calorie contribution of each meal.

#7. Drink more water

It’s often overlooked, but keeping hydrated is important for optimal physical and cognitive performance.

Even just a slight drop in water levels can negatively impact the way in which you perform.

If you want to keep your stamina, strength and power elevated you drink regularly throughout the day.

Not only that, research shows that drinking 500 ml of water prior to a meal will help to decrease overall energy intake – perfect if you’re wanting to keep your calories low while dieting.

#8. Sleep for longer

When you’re training hard to get fit quick you’ll need every opportunity possible to rest and recover. Over the next few weeks, good-quality sleep will be as important as it ever has been.

Making sure you get your 7-8 hours of rest per night will help your body repair and restore itself in anticipation of the next daily workout.

Sleep is essential for any athlete.

It boosts physical performance, helps with weight loss by optimizing hormone levels, and also helps to increase cognitive performance too – memory, spatial awareness, concentrations for example.

#9. Use large muscle exercises

The more muscles involved in an exercise, the more calories you burn.

Triceps extensions and calf raises might be good for building muscle, but what we’re after here is maximum results in quick time.

Using strength exercises such as pulls presses, deadlifts and squats help to tone your muscles and get you fit in the shortest time possible. They have the greatest effect on your metabolic rate and studies show that they also optimize hormone levels too, working together with your calorie deficit to get lean.

#10. Don’t neglect body weight exercise

Many people think that a daily workout has to be about cardio machines or free weights. But one of the best ways to get fit quick is to perform body weight circuit workouts.

Not only do you need minimal space and no equipment, they are brutally tough too. You’ve got a million different exercises to choose from and you can always adapt them to make it easier or harder too.

Choose the right body weight exercises and you’ll improve your cardio fitness, strength, endurance and body composition too.

Dark-haired, pretty female athlete in a pink sports top stretching on a yoga mat

How to Get in Shape in One Month

Here are a few ideas on get fit quick workouts for beginners.

Remember, the key to getting healthy, dropping body fat or boosting fitness in a short space of time is to work hard and find a type of workout that suits you.

Try some of the following for great workouts guaranteed to get your heart pumping and your fat cells crying.

How to get in shape at home with body weight circuits

NumberExercise Reps
A1Body weight dips6-10
A2Jump squats6-10
A3Ab curl6-10
A4Alternate lunges6-10
A5Mountain climbers6-10

For this workout you can choose an overall time period (10 minutes works well) and complete as many exercises back-to-back as you can in that time. As you get fitter you can extend the time as necessary.

Beginner gym workout to get fit fast

NumberExercise RepsSetsRest
1Leg press10-1532-3 minutes
2Lying leg curl10-1532-3 minutes
3Chest press machine10-1532-3 minutes
4Lat pulldown10-1532-3 minutes
5DB Split squat10-1532-3 minutes
6Ab curl10-1532-3 minutes
7Side plank20-60 seconds each side32-3 minutes

You can perform this workout as often as you want. It focuses on a full-body approach and targets all of your major muscle groups to get you lean, mean and strong.

Resistance program for 3 times per week

NumberSession 1Session 2Session 3
1DB Shoulder pressBB Front raiseLateral raise
2Leg press machineHack squat machineLeg extension
3Lat pulldownNeutral grip pulldownStraight arm pulldown / single arm pulldown
4Lying leg curlStanding calf raiseDB Deadlift
5Assisted dipsDB flyesIncline DB press
6Split squatGoblet squatDB step ups
7BB bicep curlDB triceps extension (skull crusher)EZ bar preacher curl

This isn’t a daily workout schedule as such, but instead focuses on 3 separate workouts, each designed to push your limits and get you fit, fast.

High-intensity interval training workout

NumberExercise Reps
A1Dumbbell bench press6-10
A2Back squat6-10
A4Romanian deadlift6-10
A5Military press6-10

This challenging HIRT workout can be performed daily to maximize calorie burning and develop some lean and strong muscle. 

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