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Bikini Body Workout Plan for the Gym

Author: Lee Bell

January 15th 2018

This 12-week Bikini Body Workout Plan for the Gym is your surefire shortcut to a firmer body, shapely figure and stronger curves.

This isn’t the same as the other bikini workout plans you find on the internet.

It’s not your typical light weights and cardio plan. Nope, it’s a hardcore female athlete program with one goal in mind – building a bikini body to be proud of.

This your best opportunity yet to get beach ready and build your confidence.

Take on this advanced program and achieve a shapely butt and legs, strong but slender arms and a lean waistline that accentuates your hourglass figure.

A confident, athletic you is just around the corner.

Let’s get going.

What does this program cover?

Goal:Fat loss, muscle conditioning, fitness
Aimed at:Intermediate level women
Program duration:12 weeks
Workout duration:45-60 minutes
Equipment needed:Barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell, body weight, resistance machines

The Bikini Body Workout Plan for the Gym

Imagine 12 weeks from now.

You’ll be walking along the beach with an unrivaled, carefree confidence.

You look stunning.

A radiant, confident and sporty female, ready to show off what you’ve worked hard to achieve.

This bikini workout plan is for any woman who wants to improve the way they look. It suits those at beginner level right through to the more advanced – it’s been designed to be adaptable to your own individual starting point.

It’ll get you in shape fast. Your dream physique is waiting for you and all it’ll take is to follow this program.

With hard work and discipline, a killer booty is only 3 months away.

The secret weapon bikini body workout for killer curves

As a woman, you’ll have been told that cardio, cardio, cardio is the way forward. If you wanted to lose fat you’d have been told to do steady state.

If you wanted to ‘tone up’ you’ll have been told to hit the stairmaster.

And you’d more than likely been made to avoid to the weights as they’s make you ‘bulky‘ and ‘overly muscular‘.

But to really build lean curves you’ll need to be innovative. You have to harness the power of the most up-to-date, cutting-edge training methods to make a difference.

And that’s what this bikini body workout plan for the gym gives you – a science-led, research based fitness program.

Here’s what you’ll achieve:

  • Strong is sexy – lean and athletic muscle, not bulk
  • Reduced body fat to perfectly show off your curves
  • Confidence, conviction and boldness

Athletic, dark-haired woman lifting weights in the gym

Outline: Bikini Body Workout Plan for the Gym

This program is designed to take you from your current starting point, whatever that might be, to a stronger and curvier woman.

It dispels the myth that females shouldn’t lift weights and should instead focus on aerobics, fitness classes and cardio work.

Goodbye steady state cardio, hello strength training

We’ve taken the long drawn out cardio program, screwed it up, and launched it straight in the bin. We might have even set it on fire first to tell you the truth.

Now don’t get us wrong, cardio has a time and a place. It can be a good fat burner when used in the right context.

The problem is though that low intensity, steady state cardio inefficient… and to be honest a little boring too.

What’s the solution?

In this Bikini Body Workout Plan for the Gym you’ll be lifting weights in each and every workout!

Now here’s the thing. You’ll only burn fat if you’re in an energy deficit.

If you don’t monitor what you eat and how many calories you take into your body you’ll find it impossible to trigger fat loss.

Note: If you don’t know how many calories you need to lose fat you can check out our calorie calculator here:

Strength training is a great companion to an energy deficit because it speeds up progress.

  • Strength training burns calories – every time you hit the weights room, lift a weight and crank out a set you’re burning energy. It’s a great way to boost your daily energy expenditure.
  • Muscle has a metabolic cost – the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn – even while your’e sat at home on the sofa. More muscle requires more energy.
  • Strength training provides all of the benefits of cardio – if you plan your strength workouts properly you can still get the benefits of cardio. You’ll elevate heart rate, improve health markers and increase calorie burn. It’s all about the approach.
  • Cardio won’t give you curves – the problem with cardio is it isn’t intensive enough to give you the killer curves and incredible booty you’re after. Strength training builds muscle… cardio burns it.

You can’t spot reduce fat but you can spot target muscle and curves

Let’s HIIT it up for more fat loss

One of the greatest revolutions of the fitness world over the last few years is the use of interval training.

As an intense cardio workout, high intensity interval training provides a breath of fresh air. It’s short, sharp and provides a potent stimulus for fat shredding beauty.

HIIT is designed to supplement your strength workouts by promoting direct fat loss.

You work as hard as you can for short spells and then recover. You repeat for the designated number of reps and you let your fat cells do the rest.

According to research, HIIT is far more effective for fat loss and fitness than steady state cardio [1].

It’s your secret weapon on this bikini body workout plan for the gym.

  • HIIT burns more calories – ramp up your energy expenditure in a shorter time frame when compared to traditional cardio.
  • Higher intensity cardio has a larger afterburn effect – you’ll continue to burn excess energy for hours and hours after your workout.

A complete transformation is only 12 weeks away

With grit and determination it’s easy to change your body in a few weeks. But what we’re going for with this Bikini Body Workout Plan for the Gym is something completely different.

We’re going for a jaw dropping, double-taking transformation. A complete beach body overhaul.

And that takes time.

In as little as 90 days you’ll look and fine completely different. You’ll be able to cruise up and down that beach with a brand new body.

Your hourglass figure will be perfectly silhouetted by the setting sun and your personality will shine through your athletic, womanly body.

Beautiful young woman posing in a bikini on the beach

Weeks 1-4: Getting started and zoning in on a new figure

In these first few weeks of this Bikini Body Workout Plan for the Gym you’ll be introduced to the core concepts of the program – strength training and cardio.

You’ll be completing 3 weights workouts per week. 2 will be heavy and focus entirely on muscle shaping. The third will be lighter and focus on higher volumes to hit both muscle and cardio.

Get ready to hit the ground running though because this isn’t a gentle initiation. You’ll be targeting full body workouts that shift from one major muscle group to the next.

Now, a bikini body workout wouldn’t be complete without an emphasis on your booty, abs and legs – and that’s what we’re doing here.

This way you’ll leave no stone unturned in the quest for an hourglass figure.

Day 1

Number Exercise RepsSetsRest period
1Goblet squat8-12390-120 seconds
2Lying leg curl8-12390-120 seconds
3Chest press8-12390-120 seconds
4Static lunges8-12 (per side)3 90-120 seconds
5Deadlift8-12390-120 seconds
6Side plank8-12390-120 seconds
7Seated row8-12390-120 seconds
8Back extension8-12390-120 seconds

Day 2

Number Exercise RepsRounds
1Jump Squats15-203
3Dynamic alternate lunges15-20 (per side)3
4Ab curls15-20 3
6Glider hamstring curls8-123
7Mountain climbers15-20 (per side)3

Note: In this workout you’re aiming to complete all exercises back-to-back with minimal rest. When you get to the last one you can rest for 2-3 minutes. Complete a total of 3 ’rounds’.

Day 3

Number Exercise RepsSetsRest period
1Box squat8-12390-120 seconds
2Romanian deadlift8-12390-120 seconds
3DB shoulder press8-12390-120 seconds
4Lateral lunges8-12 (per side)3 90-120 seconds
5Hp thrust / glute bridge8-12390-120 seconds
6Cycle crunch8-12390-120 seconds
7Lat pulldown8-12390-120 seconds
8Mountain climbers8-12390-120 seconds

Weeks 5-8: Ramping up the intensity

In this second phase of training you’ll be turning up the heat by dialing in on intensity.

You’ll already be feeling different in your clothes. Your belly will be tighter and your booty and legs will be starting to feel that little bit firmer.

The overall structure of the workout doesn’t change that much – you’ll still be hitting the full body workouts, but the order of each muscle group has been adapted to maximize the cardio effect.

And because we’re turning up the strength workouts, you’ll be adapting the HIIT sessions too. We don’t want you to burn out so we’ve balanced the workouts to sit nicely between all-out intensity and total workload. After all, if your program’s too difficult you just won’t do it.

Day 1

Number Exercise RepsSetsRest period
1Back Squat8-12390-120 seconds
2Romanian Deadlift8-12390-120 seconds
3DB Incline Press8-12390-120 seconds
4High step-ups8-12 (per side)3 90-120 seconds
5Kettlebell swing8-12390-120 seconds
6Russian twists8-12 (per side)390-120 seconds
7Barbell bent over row8-12390-120 seconds
8Hyperextensions8-12390-120 seconds

Day 2

Number Exercise RepsRounds
1DB thrusters15-203
2Jumping lunges8-12 (per side)3
3Narrow press-ups15-20 3
4Lateral lunges15-20 (per side)3
6Glider hamstring curls8-123
7Suitcase crunch15-20 3

Note: In this workout you’re aiming to complete all exercises back-to-back with minimal rest. When you get to the last one you can rest for 2-3 minutes. Complete a total of 3 ’rounds’.

Day 3

Number Exercise RepsSetsRest period
1Deadlift8-12390-120 seconds
2Leg press8-12390-120 seconds
3Lateral raise8-12390-120 seconds
4Reverse DB lunges8-12 (per side)3 90-120 seconds
5Seated leg curl8-12390-120 seconds
6Plank30 second hold390-120 seconds
7Underhand grip pulldown8-12390-120 seconds
8Cycle crunches8-12390-120 seconds

Weeks 9-12: Plug into circuits for extreme fat loss

In your third and final phase you’ll be adapting your strength workouts even further – this time with an emphasis on superset training.

You’ll be completing to exercises back-back (you’ll see these as ‘A1, A2’ for example in your program). This way of training ramps up calorie expenditure and really challenges the muscles.

Again, complete both exercises together with minimal rest. Give yourself just a short break between each superset until you’ve completed 3 total round. Then and only then do you move onto the next exercise.

Upper body work isn’t supersetted as we’re only going to maintain muscle in this phase.

You’ll be completing 4 sessions per week – that means you’ll repeat one workout twice per week.

To really maximize fat loss you need to target your fat cells with combined cardio and strength. That’s what we’re giving you here.

You’re be on the home straight now, already looking great and making the final fat burning tweaks to discover your bikini body.

Time to roll up your sleeves and give it your all.

Days 1 and 3

Number Exercise RepsSetsRest period
A1Dumbbell squat8-12390-120 seconds
A2Dumbbell Romanian deadlift8-12390-120 seconds
B1DB bench press8-12390-120 seconds
C1Hip thrusts8-12 3 90-120 seconds
C2Kettlebell swings8-12390-120 seconds
D1Low cable row8-12390-120 seconds
E1High step-ups8-12 (per side)390-120 seconds
E2Bulgarian split squat8-12 (per side)390-120 seconds

Days 2 and 4

Number Exercise RepsSetsRest period
A1BB hip thrust8-12390-120 seconds
A2BB deadlift8-12390-120 seconds
B1DB shoulder press8-12390-120 seconds
C1Walking lunges8-12 (per side)3 90-120 seconds
C2Sumo squat8-12390-120 seconds
D1Wide grip pulldown8-12390-120 seconds
E1Russian twists8-12 (per side)390-120 seconds
E2Dynamic plank reach8-12 (per side)390-120 seconds
  1. Milanović, Z et al. Effectiveness of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIT) and Continuous Endurance Training for VO2max Improvements: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Controlled Trials. Sports Med. 2015; 45(10): 1469-81

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