8-Week Total Workout Program for Women

Author: Lee Bell

February 1st 2019

This 8-week workout plan for women uses full-body workouts to enhance curves and burn fat in the best way possible.  

Fitness can be intimidating.

With so many ways to work out, it’s difficult to know which program will give you the results you’re after.

But don’t worry.

This program has been designed for beginner women who are ready to take the next steps to a leaner, stronger hourglass figure.

No muscle bulk, no over-the-top super-shredded abs.

Just healthy fat loss, a slimmer waistline and a much more confident outlook on life.

Goal:Fat loss, muscular fitness
Aimed at:Beginner
Program duration:4 weeks
Workout duration:45-60 minutes
Equipment needed:Barbell, dumbbell, resistance machines, body weight

The 8-week total workout program for women

Designed for women that want to be sexy, slim and strong.

Over the last few years more and more women have decided to ditch the endless hours of cardio and invest in fast-paced strength training.

And lots of it!

Many women are frustrated by a lack of results in the gym.

Open any women’s magazine and you’ll see that fat loss is all about restrictive diets, smoothies and starvation.

We’re here to tell you it’s not.

You can completely live the ‘lean life’ while having fun – eating the foods you enjoy, living the lifestyle you want.

It’s all about balance.

Strength training is the answer.

But it’s not just the process of lifting weights that gives you the hourglass figure you’re after. It’s the choice of exercises, the order you perform them and the specific reps and sets you use that determine the results.

Lucky for you, this program has been designed by our female coaches here at Greatest Physiques. Hundreds of hours of research and practice have helped to shape it into its perfect form.

This 8-week workout plan for women is for any female wanting to get toned, lean and slim using weights.

It’s a beginner program with advanced results.

How does the program work?

This simple 8-week total workout plan uses basic weight training techniques to develop functional strength, toned muscle and fast fat loss.

Your goal is to work as hard as you can without pushing too much, too early. It’s a program for beginners who want to build a sustainable fitness journey.

You’ll be in the gym just 3-days per week.

Each of the three workout targets major muscles in a ‘full-body’ approach. This means you’ll be targeting all the areas you see as a problem – your butt, legs, tummy and arms.

We’ve split the 8 weeks into two 4-week blocks.

The first phase focuses on basic movements that aren’t intimidating or need any specialist equipment.

The second phase builds on your increasing levels of confidence and fitness by sliding in some more difficult exercises.


The program

Phase 1

Day 1

Number ExerciseSetsRepsRest time
1Leg press38-151-3 minutes
2Chest press38-151-3 minutes
3Leg curl38-151-3 minutes
4Pulldown38-151-3 minutes
5Adductor machine38-151-3 minutes
6Ab curl38-151-3 minutes

Day 2

Number ExerciseSetsRepsRest time
1Seated row38-151-3 minutes
2Leg extension38-151-3 minutes
3Dumbbell shoulder press38-151-3 minutes
4Goblet squat38-151-3 minutes
5Triceps rope extension38-151-3 minutes
6Back extension38-151-3 minutes

Day 3

Number ExerciseSetsRepsRest time
1Barbell hip thrust38-151-3 minutes
2Chest fly machine38-151-3 minutes
3Abductor machine38-151-3 minutes
4Dumbbell lateral raise38-151-3 minutes
5Dumbbell bicep hammer curl38-151-3 minutes
6Cycle crunch38-15 (each side)1-3 minutes

Phase one is all about technique. There’s a big emphasis on legs and core area, and no doubt you’ll feel some soreness after each workout – that’s completely normal. Give yourself at least a day off between workouts to allow full recovery. Choose weights that are challenging for each set – in other words, if it’s a weight you could perform more than 15 reps with, it’s too light.

Phase 2

Day 1

Number ExerciseSetsRepsRest time
1Dumbbell deadlift38-103-5 minutes
2Dumbbell bench press38-103-5 minutes
3Lying leg curl38-103-5 minutes
4Reverse grip pulldown38-103-5 minutes
5Alternate dumbbell lunge38-103-5 minutes (each side)
6Assisted dips38-103-5 minutes
7Squat jumps3As many as possible1 minute

Day 2

Number ExerciseSetsRepsRest time
1Dumbbell bent over row38-103-5 minutes
2Narrow push-up38-103-5 minutes
3Dumbbell lateral lunge38-10 (each side)3-5 minutes
4Dumbbell lateral raise38-103-5 minutes
5Barbell bicep curl38-103-5 minutes
6Dumbbell step-up38-103-5 minutes
7Plank3Hold as long as possible1 minute

Day 3

Number ExerciseSetsRepsRest time
1Barbell back squat38-103-5 minutes
2Dumbbell single arm row38-10 (each side)3-5 minutes
3Dumbbell triceps kickback38-10 (each side)3-5 minutes
4Dumbbell thruster38-103-5 minutes
5Pulldown38-103-5 minutes
6Barbell hip thrust38-103-5 minutes
7Russian twist38-10 (each side)1 minute

In this second phase we’ve added an extra exercise and dropped the rep range down slightly, allowing you to lift heavier weights. We’ve given you a longer rest period too, just to make sure those barbells and dumbbells are as heavy as possible. Again, give yourself at least 24-hours recovery between workouts.


A note on nutrition

Combining a solid workout plan with a controlled diet will guarantee results.

“You can’t outrun a bad diet” as the old saying goes.

Technically, that’s not true.

But it is extremely difficult.

Combining this 8-week workout plan for women with a nutrient-dense, calorie-controlled eating plan will supercharge your results.

Calories come first

The success of any training program comes down to nutrition. You could be training like an absolute athlete in the gym, but if don’t fuel your body in the right way you’ll be disappointed with the results.

You can’t lose fat if you aren’t in a calorie deficit.

Calories are a measure of food energy.

Everybody requires a certain number of calories to function – to power their heart and lungs, help with digestion and to preserve muscle mass. More active people tend to require more calories as each time your muscles contract you burn calories for fuel.

If you don’t eat enough calories you lose weight. If you eat too many your body stores what it doesn’t need for a rainy day – a bit like how you put spare cash in the bank when you don’t need it.

Fat is stored in your body in adipose cells.

They’re like water balloons full of fatty acids. The only way you’ll tap into these and force your body to use the energy inside is by taking in less food than you need each day.

In other words, taking in fewer calories than you burn off triggers the release and use of stored fat for energy.

So, how do you calculate total calories on a fat loss program?

Check out our handy calculator here.

This calculator uses a reliable scientific formula to work out exactly how many calories you need to fuel your body for exercise but stay within your daily limits to trigger fat loss.

Portion control

Eating until you feel full will more than likely put you over your calorie count for the day.

You have to stick to your plan… and portion control is the easiest way to do that.

A simple starting point for portions in each meal is:

  • Protein should be the size of your hand
  • Vegetables should be the size of your balled fist
  • A cupped hand can determine the carbs on your plate

Track your meals for better results

Keeping a log of the foods you eat makes it easier to chart your progress – including rethinking when things go wrong.

The more data you have the better.

There are several online apps that tell you how many calories are in each of your meals and how that impacts your daily total calorie consumption.

Restrictive diets don’t work.

Trying to lead a happy life on chicken, rice and broccoli isn’t a sustainable, long-term plan. And research shows that success rates are low in those that cut out the foods they enjoy to lose weight.

You can completely eat the foods you love – even pizzas, cakes, candy.

It’s all about balance.

If you focus on controlling portions and limiting overall calorie intake, you’ll find that you’ve got more flexibility with food choices.

For example, let’s say you’ve got 500 kcal left for the day on your calorie deficit plan and you fancy a nice bowl of frozen yogurt. You can completely fit it into your calorie intake – as long as you don’t go over those 500 kcal!

It’s not something you should do every day as you’re limiting your vitamin and mineral intake… but having that flexibility to treat yourself from time to time is much more motivating than a life forever of bland foods.

Where can you find detailed nutrition plans?

If you’re after a full eating plan to support you during this 8-week workout plan for women you can check out our guide to eating for bodybuilding and fat loss, which gives you a breakdown of not just calories but also the different nutrients that make up the foods you eat.

The bottom line

You’ve got the tools you need to make this your year. With a controlled diet and this 8-week workout plan for women there’s nothing stopping you.

Make sure you give it your all and reward yourself with a complete transformation… all in two short months.

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