Try This 6-Week Women’s Workout Plan for Total Body Transformation

Author: Lee Bell

January 31st 2019

This 6-week workout plan for women has been designed specifically to help you transform the way you look… and feel.

Have you tried to lose fat, tone up and get fit before, only to be disappointed by the results?

Finding the right program can be hard.

But don’t worry; we’ve got the answer you’ve been looking for right here.

As a busy woman with a hectic lifestyle you need a plan that slots right into your schedule. There’s no point trying to cram in hours and hours of training. And it doesn’t make sense to push your body to the absolute limit either.

You need a short, sharp and effective program that melts fat, sculpts lean curves and enhances your femininity…

And that’s what you’ll get in this 6-week women’s workout plan.

  • Build functional and feminine curves
  • Enhance your butt and legs
  • Tone up your abs, arms and shoulders without bulking up
Goal:Fat loss
Aimed at:Intermediate
Program duration:6 weeks
Workout duration:30-60 minutes
Equipment needed:barbell, dumbbell, body weight,

The 6-week workout plan for women

Punch fat in the face with this specialized 6-week female body transformation project.

Most workout plans on the internet are geared towards men who want to build muscle and get super-lean.

For the most part, they’re great plans but don’t consider exactly what YOU need from your workout. They lack focus on lower body toning, poppin’ glute work and exercises that enhance your curves. They’re more about huge arms and barrel-like chest development.

This 6-week workout plan is different.

It’s been written by our female fitness coaches with you in mind.

It targets the areas you want to work on most – booty, legs and tummy… all while prioritizing fat loss and overall fitness.

There’s been a huge shift in women’s exercise over the past few years.

The ‘cardio bunny’ days where females would spend hours and hours on the treadmill or elliptical to burn calories have disappeared.

Slowly but surely, strong-willed women found that the best route to fat loss was to combine a calorie-deficit diet with resistance training.

Gone were the waif-like figures with no curves.

Gone were the days of low confidence and non-existent sexiness.

This is the age of the strong woman who bosses the gym… and her life.

Strength training burns fat faster than you’d ever imagine

The following 6-week women’s workout plan is designed to be performed just twice per week.

You can do it three times if you want to, but twice is enough when combined with a good diet.

That extra workout might just lead to burnout, so our advice is to start off gradually and build an extra day in only if needed.

Your goal is to perform 12 reps of each exercise, as a non-stop circuit. Go from one exercise to the next with minimal rest time. Once you get to the end of a full circuit, rest for 3-5 minutes to recover and get ready to go again.

In total, you’re looking to complete 3 rounds.

Below is your 6-week women’s workout plan to burn fat, accentuate your hourglass figure and build unbreakable confidence.

6-week workout plan for women

Workout 1

A1Dumbbell thrusters 12 reps
A2Band-assisted pull-ups 12 reps
A3Dumbbell step-up 12 reps (each side)
A4Narrow push-ups (either on knees or full position) 12 reps
A5Dumbbell lunges 12 reps (each side)
A6Dumbbell upright row 12 reps
A7Bicycle crunch 12 reps (each side)
A8Dumbbell overhead triceps extension 12 reps
A9Reverse crunch 12 reps

Workout 2

A1Barbell Romanian deadlift 12 reps
A2Mountain climbers 12 reps (each side)
A3Barbell overhead press 12 reps
A4Barbell hip thrust 12 reps
A5Barbell bent over row 12 reps
A6Barbell rollout 12 reps
A7Barbell deadlift 12 reps
A8Ab curl 12 reps
A9Squat jump 12 reps

Why is strength training so effective for fat loss?

The key to complete body transformation is to combine a calorie-controlled diet with a regular strength-based workout.

Cardio is useful, don’t get us wrong… but it’s not necessary when you’re lifting lots of iron on the gym floor.

Here are just a few reasons why strength training builds a leaner, stronger figure.

  • Strength training bullet-proofs muscle- when you diet, your body often turns to muscle for fuel. Lifting weights on a regular basis triggers an increase in muscle protein synthesis which protects muscle from being ‘swallowed’ instead of stored fat.
  • Strength training helps you maintain metabolic rate when calorie intake is low – a large proportion of your metabolism comes from your body working hard to sustain muscle mass. The more muscle you have, the easier your body finds it to burn fat.
  • More muscle means less fatigue during workouts – having more powerful muscle tone means you can perform better in the gym without feeling exhausted.
  • Strength training not only burns calories during a workout, it continues to do so afterward too – weight lifting provides a shock to the body, resulting in elevated metabolic ‘afterburn’ for up to 14-hours after you leave the gym.

Workout for women body transformation

Workout & nutrition tips

The plan we’ve provided above will seriously kick-start your body transformation goals. It’s designed to be a guaranteed solution to shredding fat and toning problem areas.

But there’s always room to improve your understanding about fat loss.

That’s where these handy workout and nutrition tips some in – simple add-ons that make a huge difference to the way you reach your targets.

Tip #1: Calorie deficit is key

You won’t lose fat if you’re eating more than your body burns each day, no matter how hard you train in the gym.

When it comes to fat loss, controlling energy intake is important. Simply because a calorie deficit is what triggers fat loss. It literally forces fat cells to open up, release their stored energy and allow the body to burn it for fuel.

If you’re unsure how to structure an eating plan around calories, check out this detailed nutrition guide which talks you through calories, macros and all other important details you need to know.

Tip #2: Push yourself to make better progress

No one ever carved out the figure they wanted without a little effort.

To get the most from your strength-based workouts, aim to lift as heavy as you can for the rep range you’ve been given. In other words, choose a weight that really challenges you to squeeze out the 12 reps we’re asking you to complete.

We’ve found from experience that many women are fearful of going to fatigue when lifting weights, for fear of building bulky muscle… we guarantee you, you won’t.

All that’ll happen is you’ll etch out shapely curves and strength like the Norse goddess Hella.

 Tip #3: Get active outside the gym

Hitting up the gym for some weight training action is a sure-fire way of building a sexier physique. But that’s no excuse for dropping activity levels everywhere else.

One of the easiest and most effective body transformation tools at your disposal is simple low-intensity physical activity.

Use the following tips to burn more calories and support fat burning away from the gym:

  • Park as far away from the shops as you can manage
  • Take the stairs, not the elevator
  • Dance while doing the housework
  • Enjoy regular ‘private time’ with your partner
  • Go walking, cycling or swimming a couple of times each week

 Tip #4: Work around your menstrual cycle

What makes you special is your feminine power.

During your period, your hormones are constantly fluctuating.

And this provides different windows of opportunity to accelerate fat loss.

For example, during the first half of your cycle you’ll find that you’re much stronger and resistant to fatigue. Your estrogen levels are high and progesterone is low.

This is a perfect opportunity to push the boundaries and make some huge fat loss gains.

During the second two weeks you might feel warmer than normal, and a little weaker. If that’s the case, drop the intensity a little and maybe throw an extra set in if you need too.

The bottom line

This is the start of something huge.

It’s your opportunity to build a sexy silhouette, that’s as strong and feminine as it is lean and mean.

Don’t forget to report back and let us know just how awesome you look.

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