Try This Awesome 5-Day Workout Plan for Women

Author: Lee Bell

February 2nd 2019

With this 5-day workout plan for women you’ll be toning, tightening and targeting fat loss with both cardio and resistance exercise. 

In less than one week you’ll be feeling confident, sexy and athletic. This short-term body transformation fix acts like a springboard – accelerating you to lean figure success.

We know you want to want to avoid the bulky, overly-muscular look. So, we pulled together our panel of coaches and nutritionists to build the ultimate 5-day workout plan just for you.

The results will be incredible – leaner waistline, firmer muscles and significantly lower levels of body fat.

Goal:Fat loss, muscle conditioning
Aimed at:Beginner to intermediate level women
Program duration:5-days
Workout duration:45-60 minutes
Equipment needed:Barbell, dumbbell, body weight

Weight and Cardio Training for Women

With this double punch of an exercise program, your fat stores will have nowhere left to hide.

Over the last few years we’ve seen a revolution.

More and more women are ditching the hours and hours of slow and laborious cardio exercise to incorporate strength training into their fat loss program. The results have been awesome.

When combined with a calorie-controlled diet, strength training and high-intensity cardio lead to significant fat loss.

Many women have dropped pounds and pounds of fat just by switching up the way they work out in the gym. Years ago, you’d never see a woman in the weights room.

Now we command it!

The perfect workout uses weights and cardio to carve a leaner figure

Weights and cardio are a powerful tool in your war against body fat.

You can’t spot reduce fat.

This is the term given to the myth that you can target where your body burns fat. Unfortunately, you can’t control where your body gets its fuel.

What you can do though is choose where you accentuate curves and build firmer, leaner muscle tone. We call this spot enhancing. 

Weight training helps you literally sculpt the figure you want by targeting specific areas of your body. As fat stores decrease, and muscle tone increases, you unveil a sexier, athletic figure that both catches eyes AND turns heads.

Workout tools:

These are the systems and workouts you’ll be utilizing to get leaner and fitter on this 5-day workout plan for women.

  • High-intensity resistance training circuits
  • Strength sessions
  • Optional cardio movement workouts

Woman in squat rack

Monday: HIRT workout

In this first workout of the week you’ll be getting off to a flyer with some high-intensity resistance training mini circuits.

This style of workout is short and sharp, combines cardio with weight training and is a brutal assault on fat.

Circuit 1

A2Goblet squat10
A3Dumbbell bent over row10
A4Alternate lunges10

Circuit 2

Order ExerciseReps
A1Alternating dumbbell bench press 15
A2Dumbbell thrusters15
A3Jump pull-ups6

Organize circuit 1 and set a timer for 15 minutes. Choose weights that are challenging and complete as many of each lift as you can by moving from one to the next continuously as you complete the reps for each individual exercise.

Go as hard as you can but don’t burn out too early. Pace yourself but make sure you’re working hard.

Once your 15 minutes is up you can take a break for 5 minutes, before setting up circuit 2 for 15 minutes. That’s a high-intensity 30-minute total workout time!

Tip: Arrange your equipment close to you to reduce the time it takes moving from one exercise to the next.

Tuesday: Legs and cardio

Motivation is high, and you’ve blown away the cobwebs with yesterday’s workout. You’ll be keeping the momentum going today with some high-intensity interval training and some lower body toning work.

Leg workout

Dumbbell deadlift38-153 minutes
Leg press3103 minutes
Lying leg curl3103 minutes
Leg extension3103 minutes
Jump squats3201 minute

High-intensity interval workout

  • 30 seconds all-out intensity
  • 3 minutes active recovery

Complete 4-6 work reps in total.

For the strength session, you need to choose weights that really push you – by the time you reach that fifteenth rep you should be really struggling. If you only manage nine or ten reps, that’s cool – if the weight is heavy it’s all good.

For the HIIT session you need to push yourself like you’ve never done before. Think about how great you’ll look in that designer two-piece bikini in the summer.

Tip: Use your rest time effectively. During HIIT sessions, keep moving your legs at a slow speed to help regulate blood flow and recovery.

Woman bike workout

Wednesday: Light cardio

  • 60-90 minutes below 70% of maximal exertion

At this stage you’ll be feeling pretty beat up and fatigued from the previous couple of days. It’s time to work in your secret weapon for fat loss… walking!

Low-impact, low-intensity activities such as walking are great for fat loss when you’re feeling tired.

While you don’t burn a huge number of calories per minute compared to weight training, walking allows you to burn loads of energy through longer-duration… without increasing fatigue.

Tip: Try and find a route that takes in the local sights – woodlands, park areas and sightseeing routes are great for keeping you motivated and interested on long walks.

Thursday: HIRT

We’re back on the HIRT circuits for day 4.

The principles are the same, although the exercises are different.

Circuit 1

Order ExerciseReps
A2Barbell overhead press10
A3Barbell rollout10
A4Barbell glute bridge10

Circuit 2

Order ExerciseReps
A2Squat jumps15
A3Mountain climbers15

Large muscle group exercises like the ones in this workout are awesome for fat loss as they significantly increase energy expenditure. Ordering exercises from upper body to lower body is a clever way of boosting fat burning potential as your heart rate has to increase to direct nutrients to opposite ends of your body.

It’s an in-built cardio workout disguised as strength training.

Tip: Aim to move the dumbbell or barbell as fast as you can on the way up, and under complete control on the way down. High-velocity movements help to build intensity and athleticism.

Friday: Upper body and cardio

Day five is all about toning up those arms and shoulders and then blitzing your body fat with some more high-intensity interval training.

You’re nearly there and will already be feeling fitter and more confident.

Upper body workout

Lat pulldown38-153 minutes
Dumbbell flyes3103 minutes
Dumbbell lateral raise3103 minutes
Cable row3103 minutes
Dumbbell triceps kickback3203 minutes

Cardio workout

  • 3 minutes at your fast sustainable pace
  • 3 minutes at around 50% of your maximum

Complete 5 full intervals

Your upper body workout uses a system of supersets to supercharge blood flow from muscle to muscle. To achieve this, you’ll be using a push-pull approach which helps to maximize not just workout efficiency, but results as well.

To finish the week off with a bang you’ll be hitting up some lactate intervals for a special kind of leg burn.

Tip: Lactate intervals can be grueling. Do the best you can during each interval and learn how to put just the right amount of effort into each long work interval to get the best results.

Saturday and Sunday

These are your rest days.

You might think that at this stage you don’t need to recover. But no matter how motivated you’re feeling by the results of this 5-day workout plan for women, it’s important you ease off the gas each week.

It’s only when you’re resting and recovering that your body uses stored energy to build new muscle tone, adapt to the stimulus of exercise and get rid of any fatigue.

Tip: Do whatever you need to in order to fully relax. Book a massage, read a book or create some artwork. Just don’t be too active.

Woman gym warm-up

Workout Tips

Always warm up

Before you start any intense workout you need to warm up.

By gently preparing your body for what’s to come you not only help to optimize performance but also reduce the chances of getting injured.

5 minutes on a rowing machine or elliptical is a good way of getting your blood pumping, and some dynamic stretches to target your upper and lower body help to loosen your joints and activate muscle groups.

Sample dynamic stretch routine:

  1. 10 Arm circles
  2. 15 Trunk twists each side
  3. 10 Air squats
  4. 5 Knees to chest each side
  5. 10 Leg swings each side

Don’t work through an injury

If at any point during this (or any workout plan) you feel like you’ve pulled a muscle, or you feel excessively sore you need to temporarily take a break from exercise – it’s your body’s way of telling you you’ve done too much or have harmed your body.

You can still drop body fat by sticking to your diet.

Just don’t cause more harm by lumping on extra stress to your body by training on top of an injury. It’ll only take longer to recover from when you do decide you need a break.

Repeat this 5-day workout plan for women to maximize results

We’ve given you the tools here to get started on an incredible journey of fat loss. You can make some fantastic changes to your body in just 5-days. But to truly get where you need to be you might need longer.

We suggest using this plan for 6-8 weeks in total for best results. You can also upgrade to our more advanced fat loss program for women afterwards for a more detailed program covering all fat loss bases.

The final word

With this 5-day workout plan for women you’ve got all the resources you need to shred fat, get lean and build sexy female attitude.

Use a calorie-controlled diet to speed up results and use this program as often as you like you get the best results.

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