Vintage Boost Review

Author: Mike

December 28th 2022

The Vintage Boost testosterone booster is made by Old School Labs. Old School Labs is a well known company in the world of supplements and have had a prominent spot on the market for years. We will take a look at the effectiveness of the Vintage Boost testosterone booster.

Besides their Vintage Boost testosterone booster, Old School Labs also produces some other products. These are the Vintage Blast pre-workout supplement, Vintage Build creatine mix, Vintage Brawn and Vintage Base multivitamin.

Made by Old School, Vintage Boost is a popular testosterone booster. It sounds very promising if you hear the promises Old School Labs make when announcing their testosterone booster. However, this testosterone booster contains some ingredients that have not been scientifically proven to increase testosterone. Vintage Boost also contains some ingredients that do not have a sufficiently high dose.

Does Vintage Boost Work?

Vintage Boost can definitely help increase your testosterone level. It includes some premium ingredients that do raise testosterone. However, there are two main drawbacks. The first is that this natural testosterone booster supplement also includes ingredients that have not been scientifically proven to have any effect on testosterone production. The other is that when Vintage Boost includes proper ingredients it does not contain a high enough dosage.

Vintage Boost Ingredients

Vintage Boost testosterone booster uses premium ingredients and contains zero artificial substances. This natural testosterone booster supplement is not based on a proprietary blend which is great. This way we can see exactly what is included in their formula.

While many ingredients are testosterone supplements that can have an impact, Vintage Boost misses a lot of ingredients that are good testosterone boosters. Vintage Boost does not contain any ashwagandha root. This is one of the most powerful testosterone boosters.

Vintage boost does not include ginseng in its formula either. This is a clinically proven testosterone booster. It can raise both your free testosterone level and your total testosterone level. Vintage Boost has no luteolin. This supplement reduces the production of estrogen and has an indirect boost to testosterone production.

Tribulus fruit extract

Tribulus extract is seen in many testosterone boosters. Many testosterone boosters claim that Tribulus extract can increase testosterone. Old School Labs does the same with their Vintage Boost. However, there have been no clinical studies that prove Tribulus extract actually boosts testosterone or testosterone production at all.

Maca root powder

Maca root powder has been shown to increase libido and can help improve your mood. Maca root extract does not have any effect on testosterone levels or testosterone production. While these health benefits are great, they can also be achieved by raising your testosterone. We prefer a testosterone supplement that focuses on improving your health by boosting testosterone.

Primavie shilajit extract

Shilajit extract can be an amazing supplement for minerals, phytonutrients and fulvic acid. The choice of using PrimaVie is also excellent as it is a very trustworthy source of shilajit extract. Not all shilajit is properly made but PrimaVie can be trusted to deliver a quality product.

The downside is the dosage. Vintage Boost only includes 50 mg of shilajit extract in their mixture. Clinical studies suggest you need at least 150 to 250 mg per day to see a substantial boost in testosterone levels.

D aspartic acid

D aspartic acid is used as a testosterone booster in many testosterone supplements. D aspartic acid causes a release of luteinizing hormone in the central brain region. Other hormones are also released such as follicle stimulating hormone and growth hormone. Vintage boost contains 3000 mg of D aspartic acid which is a sufficient amount for this ingredient to be effective. The inclusion of D aspartic acid is a great choice.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is one of the best testosterone boosters you can include in a supplement. There are many studies that have shown the effectiveness of vitamin D. Vitamin D3 is also much better than the synthetic vitamin D2 that you can sometimes find in cheap supplements.

While it is good to see Vintage boost is including vitamin D3 in their formula they have kept the amount rather low. In a testosterone booster, we would like to see a much higher dose of vitamin D3. Vintage boost contains 50 mg of vitamin d while this vitamin only starts to effectively boost testosterone from 80 mg. This is an important part of increasing testosterone levels naturally.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 can help increase your testosterone levels by stimulating androgen. It is one of the important natural androgenic hormone amplifiers. This supplement gives an immediate boost to your natural testosterone production. We would have liked to see a bit more potent dose for such an important ingredient.


Magnesium can be considered an important part of testosterone production. Where other ingredients actively boost testosterone magnesium will not. It is important to prevent having a deficiency but adding more magnesium to your diet won’t increase testosterone. If you don’t have enough magnesium you can’t absorb essential nutrients into your body which do boost testosterone.


Just like magnesium you need zinc to be able to process certain essential nutrients in your diet. While consuming more zinc will not directly boost testosterone it is still important. Without enough zinc, many other ingredients in a testosterone booster are useless because your body will not use them for testosterone production. If you have a potent dose zinc can even reduce estrogen levels. To ensure you have enough zinc in your diet the dosage could be a bit higher.

Health benefits of Testosterone Boosters

A testosterone booster can bring many health benefits with it. As men grow older their natural testosterone levels begin to drop. This can have a sizeable impact on many aspects of men’s health. Your energy levels can drop and even your sex life can suffer. Here is an overview of the health benefits a testosterone booster can give you.

When you increase testosterone levels it can improve your sex life. As men grow older their natural testosterone production reduces. Lower testosterone levels can affect your sex drive and can even lead to erectile dysfunction. A testosterone booster can reverse this effect by increasing your natural testosterone production.

A testosterone booster can also give you more energy. If you have a higher testosterone level you will also increase your energy. If you want to exercise to stay fit this can be especially helpful. If you want to build or maintain lean muscle it is vital to keep working out. When you boost testosterone you will have an easier time with weight loss and muscle growth.

A testosterone booster can even have an impact on your brain function. When your testosterone levels are low this can be the source of mood swings. Increasing your testosterone with a testosterone booster is a good way to prevent this. An increase in your testosterone level can bring a reduction in stress as well.

Vintage Boost Review: Conclusion

This testosterone booster can help you raise your testosterone level. However, Vintage Boost is definitely not the best testosterone booster on the market right now. There are other testosterone boosters available that are more effective at boosting testosterone than Vintage Boost.

An important drawback is the inclusion of ingredients that have not proven to be effective in clinical studies. Furthermore, Vintage Boost also contains many ingredients that can be effective but that need a more potent dose to have an actual impact.

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