Ageless Male Max Review

Author: Mike

March 17th 2023

This testosterone booster is one of the rare that can be quite conveniently found within many local supermarkets. But would you be glad you picked it up? Well… no. In fact, Ageless Male Max fails in almost all regards as a testosterone booster, and would only have any impact at all thanks to its Vitamin D content, but even that comes with a caveat as it will only work if you’re one of the 80% of Americans who suffer

There’s a lot of marketing surrounding these pills, such as many mentions of Nitric Oxide, that may fool the average consumer browsing the aisle that this will help increase testosterone levels far greater than the rest of the testosterone boosters on display, but it’s just subterfuge designed to disguise the unfortunate lack of proven and effective ingredients.

It’s for these reasons that we do not recommend ageless male max, and would instead guide people to a more careful selected, clinically tested grouping of ingredients, such as Prime Male, available for purchase here:

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Is it safe to take?

None of the ingredients present in Ageless male max should pose a problem for the majority of us. Ofcourse we recommend speaking to your doctor if you have any health concerns before taking any supplements.

Are there any side effects?

There should be very little in the way of adverse effects when taking Ageless male max, though we recommend you discontinue use immediately if the supplement produces any unwanted effects and consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Where can I purchase Ageless male max?

Ageless Male max is quite readily available, as you can find it on store shelves in Walmart and Walgreens, as well as many other online vendors such as Amazon.

You can also purchase Ageless Male Max directly from the ageless website, available via this link:

Customers Ageless male max review

Of course the official product page is full of fake positive reviews as is the norm in this industry, however you can’t prevent people form posting bad reviews. Once you sift through the dubious overwhelming positivity you find people complaining about not feeling anything, among some issues with customer service dotted about.

On Amazon once again fake positive reviews are quite prevalent, and though many of the 1 star reviews are harbouring similar issues of ineffectiveness there are a reasonable amount of moderate reviews, where people say they did have some positive effects but questioned the pricing.

Ageless Male Max Ingredients

A multivitamin with some slight testosterone boosting properties that leaves a lot to be desired.

Vitamin D 41.65mcg

Vitamin D is actually a very smart inclusion in any testosterone booster supplement as a deficiency is highly common, with over 80% of Americans suffering from it. It’s understood that one of the most likely ways your vitamin D deficiency will present is in a reduction of testosterone, alongside all of the issues that arise from low testosterone levels such as decreased muscle mass, sex drive and energy levels. In clinical testing, a correlation has been found in many different studies showing an increase in testosterone following vitamin D supplementation.

Now you’ve a lot more than you need here, but there’s absolutely nothing to worry about, as it will likely help boost up your daily levels to normal more quickly. Our bodies only absorb what vitamins they need however, so instead of any adverse effects from taking too much our body will simply secrete this in our urine harmlessly.

Niacin 8mg

Niacin (also known as Vitamin B3) is a very useful nutrient as it’s metabolically active form is used in more than 400 bodily functions. Now that’s great to know, but does it do anything for testosterone, or for energy levels in general? Well there was one study we found that found an increase in testosterone for supplementing in… rats. And at 100x the dosing used here, so we can write off its effectiveness for testosterone, and for energy levels etc. its not going to achieve very much either, I’m afraid. It’s highly plentiful in foods and deficiencies are highly uncommon, so honestly we’re not entirely sure why it’s here except for use as filler, you can’t sell an empty testosterone booster.

Vitamin B6 1mg

Once again this inclusion is rather lackluster. When deficient int vitamin b6 your body increases Estrogen production and our bodies achieve this by converting testosterone. Sounds like a good inclusion but really it’s mostly useless, as a deficiency is very uncommon due to how readily available Vitamin B6 in most foods. Another choice for cheap filler.

Vitamin B12 1.2mcg

Don’t wanna repeat ourselves too much so we’ll wrap this one up quickly by once again stating vitamin B12 supplements will only effect your testosterone levels if you are deficient in it. If you have a healthy diet then this won’t effect you, and if you have an unhealthy diet it’s still very unlikely to effect you. The only ones among us that need to worry at all about a vitamin b12 deficiency are vegan diets, and even though it’s more common amongst that group it’s still quite uncommon.

Zinc 15mg

Another highly available mineral that has been included as a deficiency is known to see a reduction in free testosterone levels in men, despite this deficiency being very rare. More filler, less killer.

Ashwagandha Root Extract (KSM-66) 338mg

An evergreen shrub commonly found in Asia and Africa, it is quite commonly found in testosterone boosters despite not having very much scientific backing. There has been some clinical testing that showed an increase to testosterone levels but it’s not been easily and has been less than convincing in the scientific community. Despite scouring the ageless male website we were unable to come up with any explanation to what exactly the (KSM-66) means, either, so unfortunately we don’t have an explanation for that one. Here we just find more wasted potential, another spot on the ingredients list fill with an ineffective ingredient.

NoxPerform (Spectra) 100mg

We’re no stranger to proprietary blends here but this is on another level. 100mg is hardly nothing, and though we’re loath to count, it wouldn’t be absurd to wager there’s 1mg per ingredient. We’ll make one honourable mention to the inclusion of caffeine here as it’s somewhat fair to assume there’s at least 35mg available and caffeine is known to help increase testosterone levels. 35mg is about what you average cup of coffee contains (though this will vary of course) so we’ll give them a pass on this one, but everything else is just there to confuse you into purchasing their product. Even if there was anything of value present, there wouldn’t be enough of it to make a difference.

Nitric Oxide?

We thought it might be worth just throwing in a quick explanation here, as the marketing around Ageless Male Max mentions how it will increase nitric oxide in your body, and poses this to have positive effects on testosterone levels. The problem is that the reverse is actually true, and that raised levels of testosterone will increase nitric oxide levels within the body. We can only imagine that this marketing as a nitric oxide booster is done as further subterfuge to arbitrarily increase the value of the product to the average consumer.


To summarise Ageless Male Max is an expensive testosterone booster that has an unfortunate lack of effect on testosterone production and has instead chosen to focus its efforts towards building a decent multivitamin. We would recommend instead for you to purchase Prime Male. It has a much greater selection of clinically tested ingredients that should help boost testosterone and help you towards your goals of improved muscle mass, energy levels and libido. It’s available for purchase via

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