Ambronite Review

Author: Mike

November 24th 2022

Ambronite is a complete meal shake. The name comes from the word for the food of the gods in ancient Greece. The Finland based company wants to offer a complete meal with all the essential nutrients necessary in a complete meal. Their Ambronite drinkable supermeal is made with real food ingredients from natural resources. The whole company aims to as sustainable as can be.

The goal of the company is “To transform humans and our planet from surviving to thriving, through a sustainable plant-based lifestyle”. The company also donates their products, time and a share of sales to support other organizations who try to make food production more sustainable across the world. This all sounds great, but how good is the meal replacement shake itself?

Meal replacement shakes

Meal replacement shakes are a great alternative real food for people who are busy but still want to have a healthy meal. This drinkable organic meal contains all essential nutrients you need to have a full meal. This meal shake scores great on both the macronutrients and the micronutrients. It has a good amount of protein and healthy fats.

Ambronite also offers other meal shakes. They have a keto shake for people who want to refrain from consuming too many carbs. They also have a Balanced Meal Shake. Although this shake has a better taste and texture and is cheaper than the Abronite complete meal shake the Balanced shake lacks some of the vitamins and other micronutrients which Ambronite complete meal shake does provide.


Taste can be a big problem with a meal replacement shake. So it’s important that a meal replacement shake pass the taste test. Especially meal shakes that do not offer any choice in flavors can be tricky. Luckily Ambronite meal replacement shakes come in three flavors. The original flavor is mentioned in customer reviews as being very bland. Not a bad taste, but not anything to enjoy either. Some customer reviews give the advice to add cocoa powder to make the taste better.

The berries flavor is definitely better, but still receives some criticisms from customers. It is not as bland as the original flavor yet it still has nothing great going for it. The banana flavor has a great taste and seems to be the best available of all the natural flavors currently out there. Regardless of the flavor some customer reviews have noted that the meal replacement shake can stay chunky after it’s mixed with liquid.

Ambronite and other meal replacements

Precisely what makes Ambronite different from other meal replacements currently out on the market? First of all Ambronite does not use proprietary blends. This ensures you have a much better picture of what is exactly inside this powdered meal. Ambronite is a complete meal shake that contains all the nutrients you need.

It is made with all natural ingredients that are naturally sourced from whole foods. Ambronite complete meal shake is gmo free, dairy free, gluten free with no artificial additives. And best of all Ambronite comes with a money back guarantee. So if you don’t like it you can always ask for your money back. Other meal replacements may have some of these qualities, but usually not all at the same time.

Losing weight with Ambronite Complete

Ambronite Complete meal shake is also very suited for people who want to lose weight. Ambronite drinkable supermeal contains all the nutrients you need while having fairly low calorie amount in a single serving. Is you want to lose weight Ambronite can help you with this. It is good to note that while Ambronite can defintely help with weight loss it is not a weight loss supplement, so there might be better other options out there if this is your primary goal. This drinkable meal can also be used as a healthy snack. A meal serving contains very few calories so it will still help you with weight loss.

Health benefits

There are many health benefits when if you drink Ambronite shakes. The digestive enzymes are excellent for your gut health for example. Ambronite drinkable supermeal is also a great protein source, expecially if you are exercising a lot. You need a proper amount of protein if you want to maximize training and with this drinkable supermeal you will have all the essential nutrients to keep you going. The proteins in this complete meal shake also contain a complete amino acid profile thanks to the included plant protein.


Ambronite drinkable supermeal is made from all real food ingredients and there are absolutely no artificial ingredients to be found in this powdered meal. They have used only organic ingredients to make this new supplement.

Although Ambronite drinkable supermeal does not use proprietary blends in this meal shake it is still difficult to know precisely what is in the powder mix. For none of the ingredients it is listed how many it actually contains. More transparency in this regard could make the Ambronite complete meal shake much better.

Ambronite shakes use coconut sugar as a sweetener and don´t contain any other artificial sweeteners. Besides coconut sugar, Ambronite drinkable supermeal also gets part of its protein from coconut. Most of the rest of its protein source comes from oat protein. These plant based proteins ensure that this complete meal replacement has a complete amino acid profile. These amino acids are very important for a healthy full meal.

Ambronite complete meal shake review: Conclusion

Ambronite complete meal shake is a meal replacement that does not just want to sell you a healthy meal but a lifestyle. Ambronite is a healthy meal shake that can replace a full meal. It has a lot of health benefits, weight loss being one of them. The biggest difference between Ambronite and other meal shakes is their approach to sustainability. They source all ingredients from natural sources and want to offer organic food.

There are downsides to the Ambronite complete meal shake however. The taste and texture are not great. It helps that it comes in different flavors, but it is still not amazing. It is also not one of the cheaper complete meal replacements out there. Combined with the fact we don´t know exactly how much of each ingredient is included this is not great.

Ambronite is a meal shake for people who want a healthy meal replacement and want to eat organic and sustainable foods. If you are looking for the cheapest option or want to know exactly what is in your meal shake there are better options you can find. It is also not compatible with a keto diet, so if you want to stick to that you are better off with another shake.

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