Instant Knockout Cut Fat Burner Supplement Review 2021

Author: Greatest Physiques

March 25th 2021

About The Product

Instant Knockout Cut is a thermogenic fat burner marketed by Roar Ambition. It’s a premium product that demands a higher price tag than other supplements, but containing 100% natural, effective ingredients, it’s easy to see why.

Originally used by professional MMA & UFC fighters, this fat burner is designed to raise your body temperature, which encourages your body to burn more calories to regulate itself – ultimately, boosting your metabolism and ability to burn more fat. Want to know more? Keep reading this Instant Knockout fat burner review.

Reasons for taking Instant Knockout Cut:

  • Get a 6-pack – Finally achieve your dream set of abs!
  • Tone your arms and legs – Lose fat in the right areas, and make the changes your always wanted.
  • Increased confidence – Achieving your ideal body will raise your confidence and sex appeal.
  • More energy, less fatigue – Stay energized even while lowering your calorie intake.

About The Company

Roar Ambition is the supplement company behind Instant Knockout Cut. It’s a premium brand that offers a range of market leading products – from this fat burner supplement to a pre-workout.

Supplement Facts

Main Ingredients

  • Green Tea Extract – This herb is known for improving the health of almost every organ in your body. But more importantly, it’s proven to help you shred unwanted body fat in numerous studies, due to containing high amounts of catechins.
  • Cayenne Powder – One of the best thermogenic ingredients, you’ll know this works after eating one of these chillies. By raising your body’s temperature, you burn extra calories by cooling yourself down, even while you’re sat at your office desk.
  • Glucomannan – A fiber that expands in your stomach, helping you feel full for longer between meals. As a result, it’s shown to help reduce hunger cravings, keeping you away from the snack draw and reducing your calorie intake immediately.


Why Do You Need a Fat Burner?

Losing weight is hard.

You want to achieve a solid mid-section and an athletic and toned physique. It might be that you have to make weight for your upcoming title fight.

But on a daily basis you’re confronted with challenge after challenge that makes the journey feel impossible.

From the constant battle against your raging appetite, to the hours needed to plan, prepare and measure meals. Fat loss isn’t an easy mission.

That’s where high-quality fat burner supplements such as Instant Knockout Cut come in.

Speed up fat loss with thermogenesis

The key to shredding fat cells is to boost your metabolism. Turn your body into a high energy machine and fat just won’t be able to cling on.

Cut contains thermogenic ingredients that have been shown to elevate fat oxidation and speed up weight loss in a huge number of trials, studies and reviews.

Control appetite 

We’re guessing you’ve been here before – you’ve been hitting the gym and you’ve been watching what you eat.

The first few days went well but then something happened – hunger caught up with you. Not small cravings for something sweet, but relentless hunger that you just couldn’t escape.

And what happened? It got the best of you, leaving your diet plan ruined and your dreams of six-pack abs shattered.

Instant Knockout Cut contains natural nutrients proven to decrease hunger and control appetite in the most robust clinical trials.

The result? A much steadier cruise into single-digit body fat.

Ramp up energy levels

One of the down sides to being in a calorie-restricted diet is that your energy levels can plummet.

One of the most important aspects of success weight cutting is that you keep your activity levels high – but how do you do that when you feel so tired?

Fat burner supplements contain specific nutrients that keep your energy thermostat turned up to full heat, helping you remain active – even when on low calories.

Carrying too much fat can be a severe health risk

But why would you want to support your health with a fat burner supplement?

  • You’re much more likely to suffer from heart disease – there’s a strong correlation between being overweight and falling victim to cardiovascular complications.
  • Increased risk of metabolic disease – from diabetes to cholesterol concerns, carrying too much fat can significantly boost your risk of metabolic syndrome.
  • Low mood and depression – not being happy with the way you look can send you into a downward spiral of anxiety, stress and depression.
  • You’re at a higher risk of some cancers – the metabolic changes caused by excess fat can put you at higher risk of serious health problems.

The good news is though that you can change all of this – get the right balance between nutrition and support from a high-quality supplement right and you’ll soon be back to your old health and energetic self.

The Science – How Does Instant Knockout Cut Ramp up Fat Loss?

Instant Knockout Cut is a game changing supplement that does things better than any other fat burner we’ve seen.

And it’s all down to the specific ingredients that have been packed into this potent fat burner.

Here’s how they work.

1. Green tea extract

All good fat burning supplements need a reliable and formidable base ingredient – and that’s where green tea extract comes in.

High in natural polyphenols and health-giving antioxidant compounds, green tea boosts your shredding results in a number of different ways.

You’ll get a huge hit of energy from this nutrient, helping you to work out harder and longer in the gym. It stimulates the release of norepinephrine – a potent transmitter that breaks down stored energy and helps you optimize your activity levels – even when low on calories.

Not only that, studies show that green tea can increase daily calorie burn too, elevating your energy expenditure and oxidizing more fat through the process of thermogenesis – by as much as 16% in clinical trials [1].

2. Cayenne pepper powder

It’s time to turn the heat up with one of the most potent thermogenic compounds around – capsaicin.

If you’ve ever eaten hot chilies before you know how warm you get. Now imagine that happening in your fat cells.

That’s right – instant burn.

It sounds intense, and it is. But don’t worry, because you’ll not even feel it working its magic.. and you certainly won’t taste the heat.

But you will notice a difference.

Packed full of vitamins, antioxidants and bioactive chemical compounds, cayenne powder has been shown to elevate fat burning, boost energy expenditure and enhance fat breakdown too [2].

3. Glucomannan

It wouldn’t really matter how effective green tea and cayenne pepper were at melting away fat if all you did was eat snack after snack – after all, the key to weight loss is to control your calorie intake as well as focus on nutrients.

That’s where glucomannan – the natural fiber of the konjac plant comes in.

As the world’s most effective natural appetite suppressant, glucomannan is high in β-D-glucose and  β-D-mannose – both long-chain polymer fibers.

And it’s this structure that curbs your hunger – by swelling in your stomach and helping you feel fuller for longer.

One critical review showed that when a group of overweight participants were given a glucomannan supplement, it resulted in consistent and significant weight loss [3].

It’s even been referred to by scientists as the ‘key to solving weight-related issues in the US’ too.

4. Vitamin D3

This sunshine vitamin has a key role in keeping the weight off. Firstly, vitamin D3 blocks the formation of fat cells and suppresses lipid storage leading to less fat accumulation in your body.

Second, the vitamin is thought to support your serotonin levels, warding off low mood and motivating you to stay on track. The result? An easier weight cut and better progress towards your goals.

Simple tricks like adding vitamin D3 supplements to your diet have been reported in high-authority journal studies to lead to substantial weight loss [4].

5. Vitamin B6 and B12

Water-soluble vitamins such as B6 and B12 help to pull high-quality fat burning supplements like Cut together, by optimizing the way in which your body uses energy.

A healthy lifestyle is all about balance.

It’s about being able to remain healthy and maintain vigor and motivation when you’re working hard to refine your physique.

B6 – otherwise known as pyridoxine – has been shown to increase your metabolism which directly contributes to fat burning [5], whilst B12 results in improved carbohydrate digestion and elevated protein synthesis [6].

Together, they’re a hell of a weight loss tag team.

6. Caffeine anhydrous

You’ve had your teaser of caffeine from the green tea extract, and now you’ll get just a huge bang-for-your buck fat-blasting of caffeine from this powdered caffeine compound.

This powerful stimulant inhibits your adenosine receptors, resulting in elevated physical and cognitive performance, as well as reduced fatigue and tiredness.

It allows you to dial in and blast through even the toughest of workouts with minimal effort.

Not only that, but because of it’s stimulatory effect, caffeine contributes directly to fat burning by elevating your metabolic rate and your ability to oxidize fat too [7].

7. Black pepper extract

Piperine – the bioactive chemical in black pepper – provides a wake up call for two fat burning receptors in your body called TRPA1 and TRPV1.

And when they receive the call, these receptors jump to action by raising energy metabolism while at the same time slowing down the amount of fat you divert into your adipose cells [8].

Black pepper works alongside green tea and cayenne pepper to ramp up the thermogenic effect, and works tirelessly in the background to aid digestion and keep the body functioning optimally.

It’s a spicy, but silent hero in the ear against fat.

8. L-theanine

This amino acid works brilliantly in combination with caffeine to smooth out any jitters and block energy crashes. This means you’ll have a clean, sustained energy lift. L-theanine is also said to promote a calming, relaxing response in humans so you feel less stressed and more focused on the task at hand [9].


Instant Knockout

How To Take Instant Knockout Cut

Instant Knockout Cut comes with a suggested serving size of 4 capsules per day (with 30 servings per container).

Taking 4 servings spread throughout your day allows your body to stay fuelled with the nutrients needed – to boost your metabolism and burn as much fat as possible.

Anything To Be Concerned About?

Instant Knockout Cut only contains 100% natural ingredients, without any potentially harmful chemicals. As a result, it’s not been reported to cause any unwanted side effects.


When searching the market for a fat burner, Instant Knockout Cut certainly isn’t the cheapest product available.

However, at $59 for 30 servings, it comes at a reasonable price; especially when considering it’s a premium supplement used by professional UFC & MMA fighters.

Pros and Cons


  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Optimally dosed nutrients
  • No side effects
  • No proprietary blends
  • Vegetarian and vegan friendly capsules
  • Clean energy lift


  • Premium price – slightly more expensive than cheaper, ineffective fat burners.
  • Can only buy from the official site

Editor’s Verdict on Instant Knockout Cut

You can’t argue with this fat burner’s credentials; it was originally used by UFC fighters such as Diego Sanchez, passing strict drug tests with its all-natural nutrient profile.

For this reason, it’s clearly priced as a premium supplement. But living a healthy lifestyle should save you the extra cash needed to purchase Instant Knockout Cut.

Ultimately, this is a tried-and-tested fat burner that’s used by elite athletes – which definitely justifies its price tag.

To Buy or Learn More Details, Visit The Manufacturer’s Site:

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bought this for me and a mate. we shared the multi pack offer to try and save a bit of money on it.

we train lots of martial arts so thought instant knockout would give us that edge when we were training. both were blown away. combined with the resistance training and gym fitness 3 times per week we both saw pretty quick results in 1 month.

you feel instant knockout before you start cutting fat. the energy is clean and focused and you dont feel like youve taken bad drugs. you do sweat on occasion, or i did anyway.

not a bad fat burner at all. probably the best ive tried in 6 years. we both will be buying again. is a little expensive but so worth it.(and maybe get sponsored lol)

I saw all the pretty girls online and was desperate trying to shed weight. I get those real flabby bits around my tummy (muffin tops :/ ) and on the front of my stomach.

My partner helped me look online for something to help. We found loads of women had been using Instant knockout. Including top fitness model Alexia Clark (GO follow her).

I was so so surprised when my energy levels increased and I just felt better and fitter. It sounds crazy, but I could almost feel the fat fading away and my skin getting tigher. I feel ace now so thanks Instant Knockout!

got these and was excited to try them as they worked for a buddy really well.
2 days into taking it I got hot and started to feel unwell. Couldn’t carry on. Customer service were good and helpful.

If you are reading this this is my second review of Instant Knockout on the internet.
I have to say this is a high quality and exceptional supplement. I’m not an avid supplement user and hit the gym 3 times a week when gym and family allow.
I wanted to lose some weight for an upcoming obstacle course race. Spartan race.
I was shocked after 2 weeks of limited results and not feeling much to how much less i was eating. followed by the energy to train which was never really there before. Now I can say I feel absolutely great and didn’t do too bad in that race.
At long last I can see my abs too. Just. Keep with Instant Knockout and you’ll be amazed at what you, and it can achieve.

Bought these 4 days ago after seeing the amazing reviews (shipping was FAST) and been taking for 2 days. They are a little strong for me, but they do probably work. I don’t feel sick or anything but when i take them before evening workout I can’t sleep. My advice is take in the morning to see how you feel. Good product and lovely customer support.

bought instant knockout a while ago. got the 1 box free deal and so got 4 boxes in total for me and a buddy.
she said that she didnt like it so i ended up using instant knockout for around 3 and a bit monhts.

wow. what a difference it made for me. my energy levels up even though i was eating less. i didnt see much after the first month but when the second bottle kicked in my pants started falling down. basically anyway.

its been harder to lose fat recently as ive run out of instant knockout and money. but will be buying more as soon as i can (its expensive] to help me keep cutting down. was a bit of a revelation and miricle for me this stuff.

Hey Fellas!
Jim coming right at you from Texas, USA! Jus wantd to say gr8 fat burner, tried it aftr seeing this revue and daim does it work! no side effects and jus generally gd stuff!

Can’t believe the results after 2 months. Would Highly recommend taking Instant Knockout.