Hunter Test Review 2021

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April 6th 2020

Hunter Test is a self-professed premium testosterone booster. It looks to outmaneuver the competition with superior quality and a cutting-edge, up-to-date formula.

Users are promised unshakable confidence, enhanced strength, boosted mental performance and unstoppable motivation. All they have to do is swallow a handful of pills per day and let the researched ingredients inside get to work.

But, do the capsule’s contents match the savvy marketing? Is Hunter Test worthy of the premium status it claims? We looked inside to find out.

How does Hunter Test work?

Hunter Test says it works just like any other testosterone booster. It supplies your body with certain nutrients that should in some way promote better testosterone production. Some are vitamins and minerals men are commonly deficient in. Others are more abstract micronutrients, such as Ashwagandha, an ancient adaptogen herb with proven benefits for fertility and masculine health.

However, according to Hunter Test’s website, the level of research behind this product makes it superior to competitors. Having only been released late 2018, Hunter Test features one of the most up-to-date, well-evidenced formulas on the market.

The team behind it chose not to use ingredients recently shown to be ineffective, even though they’re still popular in older products. One example is the exclusion of Tribulus Terrestris, which studies show has no positive influence on testosterone.

This, they say, also allows Hunter Test to hold some of the market’s most potent doses. We can confirm our team saw these throughout the review process. At only nine-ingredients strong, Hunter Test pack their capsules, leaving out all filler ingredients to make way for more of their most effective compounds.

Hunter Test Ingredients

Vitamin D3 – 5000 IU

You produce vitamin D naturally when skin has direct contact from sunlight. Yet, according to recent research, over one billion people on the planet face deficiency[1]. Reduced testosterone production can be a side-effect of not getting enough.

Studies show that taking a vitamin D supplement can help boost testosterone in some men. According to one of them, when vitamin D deficient test subjects took 3,332 IU of D3 daily, they improved their testosterone levels by 20% over a single year[2].

Vitamin K2 – 150 mcg

According to the manufacturer, vitamin K2 has been added to play a supportive role to vitamin D3. It’s said to reduce calcium build up inside the arteries, which lets vitamin D3 move around more freely. One study suggests vitamin K2 may also increase testosterone in its own right[3].

Magnesium – 200 mg

Magnesium is an essential mineral involved in hundreds of biological functions. It’s integral for proper muscle function, helps immunity, and even plays a part in keeping your heartbeat consistent and steady.

Deficiencies in magnesium may case several health complications, with lower testosterone being one of them. Supplementation, however, can help restore dropped testosterone levels due to deficiency, and ensure you’re well supplied in the mineral[4].


Magnesium is never far from Zinc in a men’s health product. Just like the ingredient above, zinc is another essential mineral integral to your health. However, experts estimate that over 17% of the global population are still deficient in it[5]. This is a concern for many men as zinc status can be directly correlated to testosterone levels.

Low testosterone is a possible side effects of experiencing zinc deficiency[6]. Yet, through supplementation and replenishing mineral levels, testosterone production should improve. Fertility may also be improved in hypogonadal men[7].

D-Aspartic Acid – 3000 mg

D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA) is a naturally occurring amino acid with the ability to stimulate the release of testosterone precursors[8]. Studies show D-AA to be especially effective for men with pre-existing lower testosterone levels[9][10][11]. However, if your T is already healthy, you may not experience the same hormone boosting effects.

Asian Ginseng – 300 mg

Asian Ginseng – aka Panax Ginseng – is an herb taken from traditional Southeast Asian medicine. However, unlike many natural remedies, Asian Ginseng is supported by numerous scientific studies.

Research suggests the herb increases levels of luteinizing hormone; the same hormone increased by D-AA[12]. This can help to boost testosterone levels, as raised luteinizing hormone triggers the testes to produce more T. Other evidence has also seen Asian Ginseng improve mood, reduce fatigue, and enhance sleep quality[13][14].

Asian Ginseng should not be confused with Siberian or American Ginseng. Neither the American nor Siberian strain are proven to benefit testosterone production. Asian ‘Panax’ Ginseng is the only proper form and is the most potent in ginsenosides[15].

Ashwagandha Extract – 300 mg

Ashwagandha is another herb with a long history rooted in ancient medicine. Its name is loosely translated from Sanskrit and means “smell of horse”, awarded for its supposed ability to make you as strong as the animal.

Interestingly, modern evidence says the herb might genuinely help you to become leaner, fitter, and stronger in both body and mind[16][17][18]. Other research states that it might also increase testosterone and fertility too[19][20]. Some scientists believe this may be because of its stress-reducing qualities.

Indole-3-Carbinol – 200 mg

Indole-3-Carbinol is shown to inhibit SHBG (sex-hormone-binding globulin), which in turn hinders the production of estrogen. Estrogen is the female sex hormone and high levels can hold back your natural testosterone levels.

I-3-C itself should help stop free-flowing testosterone being trapped and turned into estrogen[21]. There’s also evidence stating it may fight prostate cancer[22].

Boron Chelate – 10 mg

Boron is a mineral that’s especially beneficial for your health. Studies show it can help to keep bones healthy, boost brain function, and improve vitamin D absorption, all before increasing testosterone[23][24][25].

One study highlights how supplementing with 10 mg of boron daily for a week improved test subject’s testosterone by 28%. Interestingly, their respective estrogen levels fell by almost 40%[26].

Hunter Test Benefits

Hunter Test’s main overarching benefit is boosting testosterone levels. Yet, when you look at T’s function inside your body, you see there are plenty of other potential benefits attached.

1. Building muscle and burning fat

Promoting the development and maintenance of lean muscle is one of testosterone’s most sought after assets. When your T levels are healthy, you’re able to build muscle and burn fat much easier than if they were deficient.

Testosterone promotes muscle building by positively influencing muscle protein synthesis[27]. MPS is the process of forging new muscle, which can also benefit fat burning.

Lean muscle mass has a much higher metabolic demand than body fat. As a result, the more muscle you have, the more calories you need to burn in a day to maintain it. This can benefit fat burning tremendously, as a higher metabolism will mean you use a greater number of calories naturally throughout the day. Having a higher metabolism puts you at a lower risk of overeating and accumulating excess body fat.

Hunter Test claims to help you achieve a better body is one way it could improve confidence.

2. Improved libido and sexual function

Lost libido is a common warning sign of low testosterone in men. Alongside muscle loss, it is one of the more easily noticeable reported symptoms, which may also be accompanied with sexual function issues.

Increasing testosterone may help reignite your libido if your hormones are lower. You may also find your ability to achieve and maintain an erection improves too. As we outlined above, many of the ingredients inside Hunter Test could also benefit fertility.

3. Mental Strength

Hunter Test claims to boost mental strength by improving mood, focus, and determination. Because while testosterone’s impact on body composition and libido is clear to see on the outside, its effect on mental performance and health isn’t always obvious to the untrained eye.

However, studies show that testosterone can have a significant say in your brain power and mental wellbeing[28]. Brain fog, reduced concentration, and irritability are all known side-effects of T deficiency[29]. Depression and anxiety are also recognized symptoms too[30].

Therefore, by increasing your testosterone levels, you may be able to improve mental health and function. You could be able to think clearer, feel more motivated to take on tasks, and enjoy better memory recall[31].

Side Effects

Side effects are always a risk associated with supplement taking. However, Hunter Test is exclusively manufactured in the US and UK using high-quality ingredients, which helps to reduce the already low risk.

All serving sizes should be safe too while remaining potent. This is another measure taken by the manufacturer to minimize side effects. Most men take Hunter Test without experiencing any adverse symptoms.

Potential side effects include headaches, digestive issues, and nausea. If side effects occur stop taking Hunter Test immediately.

Usage & Dosage

Hunter Test’s daily dose includes six individual capsules. These are then broken down further into three, two-capsule servings.

You’re also advised to take them with food and a full glass of water. Taking your capsules with one of your main meals is a convenient method too.

We feel this type of spread supplementation pattern is the optimal way to take a testosterone booster. It supplies the body with a consistent stream of ingredients throughout the day, unlike other one-serving products.

Is Hunter Test good value for money?

Given the quality of Hunter Test, we feel its good value for money at $75/£55. Although the price might be higher than its competitors, this is a premium product and it’s worth the cost.

You certainly get what you pay for. The cost contributes toward the attention to detail, thorough research, and better manufacturing.

Naturally, Hunter Test won’t fit into everybody’s budget. Roar Ambition who create it is a specialist supplement company and their intentions weren’t to cater for a mass audience. Hunter Test is built for businessmen, entrepreneurs, and professionals, hence it’s high-grade formula.

Where can you buy Hunter Test?

Hunter Test is only available direct from the manufacturer. This can either be a pro or a con, depending how you look at it.

On the one hand, you won’t be able to shop around for deals. Yet, on the other, you’re guaranteed a higher level of quality control. Customer service improves too, because you’ll speak directly to the people who make it.

Pros & Cons


  • No proprietary blends – zero hidden ingredients or doses
  • High-grade premium ingredients
  • Potent doses
  • High safety score
  • Zero artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors
  • Zero soy, gluten, or GMO
  • Manufactured in the USA & UK to FDA & cGMP standards


  • Gelatin capsule – not suitable for vegetarians/vegans
  • Premium price tag – higher than most competitors
  • Only available direct from official manufacturer

Does Hunter Test work?

All nine ingredients inside Hunter Test are shown to benefit testosterone production. The manufacturers have outlined relevant studies showing


How many servings are in Hunter Test?

Each bottle of Hunter Test contains 180 capsules. This amounts to a 30-day supply.

How old do I need to be to use Hunter Test?

It’s recommended you only take Hunter Test if you’re over 18. However, there’s no upper age limit to using this supplement.

Will I pass a drug test is I take Hunter Test?

Hunter Test doesn’t contain any banned substances. So, you should be able to pass a drugs test after taking it.

How long should I take Hunter Test for?

According to the Hunter Test website, you should take it for three months minimum. This is apparently to allow enough time for the ingredients to make worthwhile changes inside your body. Boosting testosterone naturally can take weeks to months to achieve.

Can Hunter Test be used with other supplements?

Hunter Test can be used alongside other supplements. The manufacturer suggests using all three of the Hunter Suite products together for a full ‘body and mind improvement package.’

However, we wouldn’t advise using Hunter Test alongside an additional D-AA supplement. Taking too much D-AA can cause adverse symptoms such as headaches and nausea. Check to make sure you’re within the right tolerable upper limits when combining supplements.

Our conclusion

Hunter Test hits the mark for all the key components expected inside a testosterone booster. Its up-to-date formula is a match for any on the market, and its potency and supporting evidence sets Hunter Test apart.

This testosterone booster uses the highest-grade ingredients and great manufacturing processes to create a truly premium product. There are no fillers, bulking powders, or hidden blends to devalue Hunter Test, just well-researched nutrients.

Yes, it does cost more than most, but you get what you pay for. Hunter Test is a premium product for a different audience than your regular supplement buyer. It’s clear the manufacturer knows its market and has worked hard to cater for them. We’d recommend Hunter Test as the best specialist testosterone booster for the more affluent buyer.

See where Hunter Test is in our list of the best testosterone booster supplements in the market right now!
































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