Focus by Hunter Evolve Review – The biggest dosed Nootropic supplement

Author: Greatest Physiques

September 24th 2021

Discover if this supplement is worth buying in our Hunter Focus review

Focus by Hunter Evolve is a premium nootropic that offers the biggest doses on the market to help busy men gain a mental edge over their competition.

The product is part of the Hunter Evolve suite, which is a range of high-grade supplements that puts quality first, using larger amounts of key ingredients, at higher doses, to ensure faster results.

Designed with a scientifically-optimized formula with 100% natural ingredients, is this one of the best nootropics available to unlock your cerebral potential?

We find out in this Focus by Hunter Evolve Review.


What is Focus by Hunter Evolve?

Nootropics are becoming increasingly popular and an increasing amount of supplement companies are introducing new and exciting products to the market in a bid to help people maintain and enhance their brain health.

One such product making big waves is Focus by Hunter Evolve.

Hunter Evolve nootropic is a relatively new supplement to the market which offers premium, larger-dosed serving sizes. These nootropic pills aim to deliver elevated concentration, attention and creativity – three things that the creators call the “key to modern-day success at home and work”.

Inside this brain-enhancing nootropic you’ll find some of the most effective and premium natural cognitive enhancers available. And unlike many other products available, Focus by Hunter Evolve uses only scientifically-backed ingredients, with no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, GMO, gluten or soy.

The creators have put together a blend of proven brain-boosting to help you unlock the real power of your mind. As well as boosting concentration, focus and creativity it works to help you develop the ability to think clearly and quickly, and enhance your decision-making skills.

For this Greatest Physiques Hunter Focus review, we’re going to delve deep to figure out more about this nootropic and how it works to enhance your mental energy.  From benefits, the strength and quality of the ingredients, to price, safety and more – it’s our job to give you all the information you need. Let’s go.


Focus by Hunter Evolve Pros and Cons



  • Works to improve focus, memory and mood
  • Larger doses and serving sizes
  • Premium all-natural, transparent formula
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • Powerful formula designed to support a variety of brain functions
  • Natural ingredients – with no chance of side effects



  • Premium product so comes with a higher price tag
  • Only available online

Who makes Focus by Hunter Evolve?

Focus comes from Hunter Evolve. A revolutionary premium supplement brand that is designed for consumers who want the absolute best ingredients, in large doses.

They also have a top weight loss pill called Burn and a testosterone booster called Test.

How does Focus by Hunter Evolve work?

The all-natural 3-part blend that makes up Hunter Focus gives you a natural nootropic advantage and works to:

  • Enhance memory – using ingredients like lion’s mane mushroom that improves retention and aid recall
  • Increase focus, concentration and learning using nutraceuticals like citicoline and L-theanine – so you can stay focused in even the most stressful situations
  • Elevate mood, increase happiness and decrease anxiety by boosting feel-good neurotransmitters like dopamine
  • Boost energy using a naturally powerful anti-fatigue formula
  • Enhance creativity by unlocking your creative problem-solving potential

What can you expect from Focus by Hunter Evolve?

The creators say Focus is designed to help you overcome complex problems, hit every deadline and smash every target. By harnessing the latest understanding on mental enhancement, Focus by Hunter Evolve works to unlock your cerebral potential.

Whether you have a long day at the office, a busy day with the family or a PB in the gym to hit, Hunter Focus is engineered to help you remain at the top of your game.

This can help you gain the confidence and energy to become the man you were always destined to be.

Focus by Hunter Evolve ingredients

Focus by Hunter Evolve nootropic is said to contain some of the most impactful and premium brain enhancers designed to rejuvenate all aspects of your mind.

Inside the potent blend you’ll find huge, effective doses which the creators say are different from other nootropic supplements on the market. We can’t help but recognize this too. The 4-capsule daily dose and significant doses of key brain-boosting ingredients are unrivalled and should potentially deliver faster results.

Keep reading our Hunter Focus review to find out more about the core ingredients.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Lion’s mane mushroom has long been touted for its memory-boosting benefits. Packed with bioactive substances which help the brain produce Nerve Growth Factor, this ingredient is key for improved learning and memory.

Research evidenced that supplementing with lion’s mane mushroom daily for four months significantly improved mental functioning[1] and it may even help improve aspects of cognition by reducing inflammation – something that can damage the neurons[2].

Lion’s mane mushroom may influence both short-term and long-term memory, which makes sense as to why it’s included in the Memory Matrix for Hunter Focus.


A key brain chemical that occurs naturally in the body, citicoline has been shown to boost brain energy (ATP) by 13.6%[3]. When ingested by your body, this ingredient splits into choline and cytidine which can both improve signal strength between neurons and enhance memory, attention and learning [4].

Citicoline also delivers the key energy boost you’ll get from Focus, and since it isn’t associated with the familiar jitters of caffeine stimulants, you can enjoy sustained focus all day long. Focus by Hunter Evolve delivers a significant dose of 250mg of citicoline, which the creators say could translate to marked increases in attention and fewer mistakes in tests.


Well known adaptogen, Ashwagandha is a key herb that has been used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine for over 3,000 years to treat various health ailments. The herb is known as powerful ‘anti-stress’ agent which works to improve the body’s resilience to stress[5] and lower levels of cortisol levels[6].

Some experts also believe ashwagandha can impact a number of crucial brain processes and positively influence recall, attention and reaction time[7].


Bacopa is an aquatic plant that has long been used in traditional Indian medicine to increase brain chemicals involved in learning, recall and memory.

Researchers examined its effect on short and long-term memory, finding it can improve spatial learning and enhance the ability to hold onto information[8]. The ingredient also contains two active ingredients, bacosides A and B, which are said to alleviate physical responses to stress.


An amino acid extracted from tea, L-theanine is a key player in Hunter Focus’ ability to keep you calm but alert. The ingredient is thought to have anti-stress properties to help you feel more relaxed. Research also says it can help boost alpha waves[9], which are thought to enable creative thinking by producing flow states[10].

L-theanine has also been shown to increase dopamine and serotonin– the ‘happy hormones’ associated with positive mood enhancement and enhanced cognitive ability[11][12].



Serving size: 4 capsules
30 servings per container
Amount per serving%Daily Value
Lion's Mane Mushroom500mg**
Ashwagandha Extract300mg**
Passion Flower 10:1 Extract250mg**
Maritime Pine Bark Extract100mg**


How to take Focus by Hunter Evolve

The creators recommend taking two capsules with a large glass of water twice a day. You can spread these doses out throughout the day, once before your morning and afternoon meals.

Each bottle of Hunter Focus provides 120 capsules, giving you a 30-day supply.

For best results, you should take the capsules consistently and for at least three months to feel the full benefits. The great thing about Focus is that it doesn’t contain any stimulants, so it can be taken at any point during the day without any risk of energy crashes or jitters.


Benefits of Focus by Hunter Evolve

Improve performance under pressure

The stress-reducing and performance boosting elements of this formula should help improve your mental energy so you can perform at your best – even when the pressure is mounting.

Enhanced focus and learning ability

As we age, processing, retaining and recalling information can place great strain on cognitive functioning. Hunter Focus boasts an impressive ingredient formula shown to support brain activity, with elements like citicoline included to strengthen signal strength between neurons and enhance learning.

Lifted mood 

Focus is packed with ingredients that work to improve your mood and keep the negative impacts of stress at bay – meaning you can decompress after a hard day at work and feel happy.

Alleviate stress

Ingredients in this nootropic pill have been clinically proven to promote feelings of calmness and reduce levels of stress in the body – helping you stay level-headed and grounded in the most demanding situations.

Long-term brain health

The effects of Focus are designed to work long-term and improve your brain health over time, even as you age.

What do people say about Focus by Hunter Evolve?

Since its introduction to market, Hunter Focus has been extremely well-received. We found it to be highly praised and a big hit with men who like to keep fit. Exemplary testimonials on the official website say it’s one of the best nootropic stacks on the market.

Users also say it has helped them improve focus levels and mood with it being instrumental in their ability to stay calm in stressful situations.


How to get the best out of Focus by Hunter Evolve

It’s best to take this supplement consistently every day for at least three months to feel the full benefit. There’s no need to cycle and the fact there’s no caffeine means you can take it any time of the day.

These are our top tips to get the best out of this supplement:

  • Take consistently and daily
  • Take for at least three months
  • Use alongside a healthy, balanced diet and exercise routine
  • Take with meals to increase ingredient absorption

Where to buy Focus by Hunter Evolve

You can purchase Focus on the official website with prices starting from $75. They also offer free US and UK delivery when you purchase a 2-month supply.

At the time of writing, you can currently enjoy 50% off the Hunter Evolve range by visiting their deals page.




Anything else to know about Focus by Hunter Evolve?

Focus by Hunter Evolve is fully developed in-house. The creators are an experienced, credible manufacturer of trusted natural supplements.

It’s free of caffeine, so you can enjoy a sustained energy lift and a flow of concentrated focus.

What’s more, you likely won’t find a nootropic supplement of this quality anywhere else. Focus by Hunter Evolve is fully transparent, with a premium ingredients list – giving you bigger doses of the most effective natural nootropics.

Focus by Hunter Evolve Summary

That concludes our Hunter Focus review – and it’s a lot of information to take in!

Overall, we think Focus by Hunter Evolve is one of the most promising nootropic supplements on the market. It’s generously well-dosed, packed with the most highly-researched ingredients and doesn’t cause any side effects.

The formula should instill calmness, improve cognitive performance, increase focus and reduce stress – just what you need to stay productive and feel accomplished.

The creators suggest you need to use this nootropic pill for three months to achieve optimal results, which could be off-putting for some people because of its price, however if you take advantage of the various deals they run, this shouldn’t be an issue. We appreciate the honesty and the reality of how long a supplement can take to deliver its full effect.

We think it is one of the best nootropic supplements on the market and should give you the results you’re looking for. Even better, the formula is fully transparent, proprietary-free and each bottle is made in the USA and UK in FDA-approved facilities that meet Good Manufacturing Practices regulations.

Order your supply today:



Nootropics: FAQs

Who would use a nootropic?

Anyone looking to optimize their brain health or improve their performance might turn to a nootropic supplement for support. With aging comes inevitable cognitive decline and it can be harder to stay ahead of the curve and on top of your game.

A nootropic could promote peak mental performance, helping with many aspects of cerebral decline while boosting mood, motivation and energy.

Are nootropics safe?

In general, nootropics are considered safe. You just need to make sure your chosen nootropic is of high quality.

Try to choose one with an all-natural formula that contains well-researched, tested ingredients and is also free from a proprietary blend. If a nootropic pill has the correct and relevant supporting science, it’s more likely to be effective.

However, it’s important to know, as different nootropics address different issues (and work in different ways), one substance may interact with other substances – such as existing medications – while others don’t. To avoid issues like this (if you’re taking medication), consult your doctor before using any nootropics.

Do nootropics cause side effects?

On the whole, nootropics made with natural ingredients are safe and shouldn’t cause side effects. If they’re made by a respectable brand and use well-researched doses, the chances of adverse effects are minuscule.

However, it’s not uncommon for some of their ingredients to cause adverse effects in individuals, especially if they have an intolerance to them. The best way to avoid side effects is to do your own research, study the supplement facts label and ensure you’re not allergic to any ingredients. You could also start with small dosages.

What ingredients are common in nootropics?

These are some of the best ingredients to look out for when purchasing a nootropic supplement.


This ingredient is known as a powerhouse nootropic, since it improves neuron signal strength, enhances memory and learning and may even protect brain cells[13].


A known adaptogen, ashwagandha is a powerful ancient plant used for its curative and restoring benefits. Research suggests that it’s significantly beneficial for lowering stress and anxiety and may even enhance performance[14][15].

Its anti-inflammatory effect may also aid with diseases like dementia, memory loss and malignoma[16].


Bacopa is a key nootropic ingredient thought to help block the release of cortisol. It has been evidenced to increase relaxing brain chemicals like dopamine and serotonin[17] – which is key for staying happy and motivated.


This amino acid works excellently alongside caffeine, since it promotes relaxation[18] and lowers the effect of the stimulant. It’s shown to improve focus during demanding situations and may improve sleep quality[19].



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