Boss Shape and Burn Review 2021

Author: Lee Bell

April 2nd 2020

Without doubt, Shape and Burn by Boss Workouts is the most comprehensive, booty building, fat melting and empowering workout program you’ll find. Sound a bit like we are biased? 

We are now. After buying the program we were pretty skeptical about the value and what you actually got. But stick with us for this review. Because Boss really got us fired up!

Shape and Burn uses strategic exercise selection, research-led training methods and female-specific programming to take your body to the next level… whatever your starting point.

As a detailed 12-week workout plan, Boss Shape and Burn takes you through every single facet of building a leaner, photo shoot ready figure.

Not only have you got complete workout plans for every single workout; you’ve also got the support of a range of exhaustively researched education resources too in the form of training guides and diet plans.

Shape and Burn balances achievable workout sessions with intense and innovative progressions to help you sculpt the body you want, fast.

You’ll not be leaving anything to chance, really.

If you want to build a curvier, sexier or more athletic figure. Or you want to drop body fat or develop a killer, toned body.

This is the program you need.

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Boss Shape and Burn Overview

In this strength-based workout program, Boss Workouts takes you through every aspect of body transformation. From a tough but rewarding workout plan to evidence-based nutrition advice and gorgeous meal plan ideas.

It’s not an easy plan at all.

But when the industry is full of condescending, easy workouts for women that focus just on cardio, this is a breath of fresh air.

If you want to be pushed as hard as you’ve ever been, you’ll love Shape and Burn.

Even if you’re a beginner that wants to start your journey to a better body more gradually, this program suits what you’re after.

It’s like you’ve got a trainer right there with you.

This is your best opportunity yet to carve out a body of the goddesses… sexy, athletic, strong and above all womanly.


Who Created Boss Shape and Burn?

Boss are fast becoming the most authoritative collection of coaches, sport scientists and athletes on the map.

They mix science with great coaching skills and know exactly how to craft precise exercise programs such as Shape and Burn.

Here are the two creators of this particular workout program:

Niki Zager

Niki Zager

As a former Los Angeles Kings cheerleader, Niki Zager knows exactly how to develop a female figure that mixes beauty and strength in equal measure. Based in San Diego, US, Niki rose to fitness fame when she started bikini athlete competitions and soon became NPC bikini competitor

Shes a certified ISSA personal trainer and has a B.A in psychology too.

Not only does Niki understand the physiology of fitness, she also understands how to motivate people to get the very best results. She’s fun, energetic and above all; a woman that’s been there herself.

Lee Bell

UK-based coach Lee Bell is the brains behind the resources you get with Shape and Burn. This guy knows exactly how to write solid exercise programs that cut through the bull and deliver results in the fastest time possible.

As an MSc level physiologist and strength coach, Lee provides easy-to-read knowledge bombs that help you understand not just what you’re doing, but why.

He recently spoke at an international fitness convention called BodyPower, and his talk was all about female training.

We didn’t catch the talk ourselves, but from what we hear, it was fantastic and covered everything from menstrual cycles to female mechanics during training – and this is all in the eBook you get with the program.

What Do You Get With Boss Shape and Burn?

  • Extensive training guide – It isn’t mandatory to read this additional information, but if you want to educate yourself at the same time as transform your body, this is a great resource and full of booty-building detail.
  • Video series guide – Niki takes you through every single exercise and every individual workout with really cool videos that are well-produced and actually really useful.
  • Nutrition guide – This no nonsense journey into nutrition is a great addition to the training guide. It talks you through every part of successful body transformation, from calories and macros to achieving muscle toning and fat loss.
  • Recipe guide – if you’re struggling to find tasty recipes on your healthy eating plan, this guide gives you a whole range of meal ideas, including vegetarian and vegan options.
  • Training program – Print off your own program template or use the in-built program in your own designated member area to keep track of your own progress.

How Does The Program Work?

Your 12 week Shape and Burn program is divided into 3 very distinct phases.

Each has their own aims and goals.

The phases are written so that they build seamlessly from one to the next to the next, with progressively more difficult exercises and workouts.

Rest assured though that the first phase isn’t a walk in the park.

The program is all about the booty, with lower body work in every single workout day.

Don’t worry about being too sore after your workouts – it’s organized in a way that gives you great results without annihilating your bod.

Any upper body or core work included?

One thing that Boss Shape and Burn does better than any other program targeting women is balance upper body and direct ab work with loads of legs and booty exercises.

Although this is primarily a lower body bikini program, you also want to target your arms and waist to develop the complete package.

And you’ll do so with Shape and Burn.

This is a program for women that want to make a big difference to their figures, and aren’t ashed of working hard to get there.

Here’s a breakdown of the 3 phases:

How Boss Shape & Burn Works

Weeks 1-4: Lift and tone


In this first phase you’ll be mixing up some of the tried and tested booty-building exercises such as squats and leg presses, with more innovative drills such as Romanian deadlifts and cable pull-throughs.

You’ll be in the gym only 3 days per week during this phase, but every single session counts.

The exercises are cleverly planned, with a good balance between the different lower body patterns of movement.

Everything from the rep ranges to the rest times have been meticulously planned. There’s just as much ingenuity as their is simplicity is this phase.

The ‘lift and tone’ phase maximizes productivity, while still giving specific muscles enough rest to perform at their absolute best.

It’s perfect for building a base for what’s to come.

Weeks 5-8: Strength and curves


As you slide into week 5 with a tighter butt and leaner waistline it’s time to take that smoldering flame to full force firework. That’s where ‘strength and curves’ comes in.

In this second phase you’ll be clocking into your gym 4 times per week.

You’ll be changing up the exercises and targeting different zones of your legs and booty in each workout. One day you’ll be going full tour de force on your derriere, and the next it’s time to hit your inner thighs and backs of your legs.

It’s definitely not a bodybuilder style ‘split muscle’ routine. It’s more like a well-planned, thought out series of lower body exercises that optimize results.

Oh, and you’ll also be introducing supersets where you target two different muscle groups back-to-back without rest to get a great cardio effect too – perfect if you want to tighten up your body and shred a few excess pounds.

Weeks 9-12: Blast and build


In this third, final and toughest phase you’ll be using your leaner curves and fitter cardio system to blast through your limits and discover your best body yet.

Made up of intelligently organized mini-circuits, phase 3 is all about maximal fat burning and all-out conditioning.

You’re much fitter and conditioned than you were in week 1, so it makes sense to throw in more complex exercises that really challenge you – from your cardio and muscle systems, to your motivation and drive.

And you won’t be let down.

There’s no hiding in this phase… but if you bring everything you’ve got, this block of workouts will guarantee those final results all come together.

It’s the perfect way to strip down the excess pounds and show off that muscle you’ve worked hard to build over the last few weeks.

What Will You Achieve with Shape and Burn?

Like anything, you need to work hard to get there.

You can’t expect to purchase a premium product like Boss Shape and Burn and not put the work in.

But if you’re willing to bring your A game and grit your teeth as you press, squat, hinge and lunge your way to a complete body transformation, this is what you’ll achieve:

  • More strength and defined, toned muscle
  • Low body fat levels that show off your houglass
  • A bangin’ booty, athletic legs and beach-ready abs
  • Increased confident and a more assertive, empowered outlook

Who Is Boss Shape and Burn For?

Probably the strongest aspect of Shape and Burn, and something we haven’t seen in other female-based strength programs, is its versatility.

Other programs we’ve seen are far too easy and don’t offer any routes for progression, meaning unless you’re an absolute beginner, it’s not challenging enough.

Boss solves that problem with Shape and Burn.

Visit Boss Workouts Here

Boss Shape and Burn suits everyone from complete newbie to elite athlete.

The way the program is designed gives you more than enough flexibility to adapt the weights you use, the rep ranges and the rest times to get the most from the workouts.

Again, it’s like having a coach right there with you.

Phase 1 starts with a few skill drills that are crucial patterns of movement heading into phases 2 and 3.

If you don’t already know these, the program gives you more than enough opportunity to nail the technique before you start to load up with weights – and that’s a great idea.

But because each phase is progressive, Niki gives you licence to load up as and when you feel ready. This works well if you’re already a pretty competent athlete and don’t need starter workouts.

Could Shape and Burn be Better?

Honestly, no.

This is truly the most comprehensive package we’ve ever come across for women that actually like to lift.

The only way this would be better was if Niki hopped on a plane and met you at the gym for a 1-1 workout herself. Or Lee picked up the phone and changed your world with his unbelievable knowledge of training and physiology.

It absolutely destroys anything in the female strength, bikini beach body market.

From the excellent programs and the energetic videos to the detailed and (actually really easy to read) educational resources that come with it.


How Much Does Shape and Burn Cost?

Boss Shape and Burn comes in at the $90 mark.

That’s great value for everything you get.

We’d imagine that you’d pay that for just one session with Niki, let alone a 12-week block of progressive workouts, educational resources and diet plan.

What makes this even better is that once you’ve purchased the course, you’ve got it for life. You can repeat it as many times as you want and keep coming back to the resources as often as you’d like.

You can come back to the workouts time and time again.

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