Giorgia Piscina posing for a photoshoot in a revealing sports clothes, looking fit, healthy, and lean

Giorgia Piscina

Giorgia Piscina is a professional WBFF competitor, fitness model, and WWE wrestler. Originally from England, but later emigrating to Australia, Giorgia

Kai Spencer flexing his ripped abs, tattoed cheest, and muscular arms as he looks directly at the camera

Kai Spencer

Kai Spencer is an American professional Men’s Physique bodybuilder who competes in the IFBB division. He initially started training in

Coty Reutzel standing on the bodybuilding stage, flexing his ripped and proportionate muscles

Coty Reutzel

Coty Reutzel is a fitness model, bodybuilder, and personal trainer from Mankato, Minnesota. Standing at 6’5” tall, and weighing over 260lbs

Jonny Bernstein wearing green shorts, tanned up, looking ripped and contest-ready

Jonny Bernstein

Jonny Bernstein is a professional IFBB Men’s Physique athlete from Mission Hills, California. He’s been competing in bodybuilding shows since 2013, when