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Greatest Physiques Workout Plan

Whether you are just a fan wanting to get a little fitter, or in the gym 10 times per week like an animal, this free downloadable plan will have something for you.

Put together by a master trainer, this completely free guide can see you making some pretty solid progress over 30 days. We’ve based it around some of the bodybuilding greats – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike Mentzer and more.

Rep ranges, exercises and sets can all be tweaked slightly to fit your needs and goals.


Download the Greatest Physiques Guide


Greatest Physiques Supplements Guide

Supplements come along way since the big golden era names like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ferrigno and Dickerson Ross.

Bodybuilding supplements are everywhere and according to the scammers can turn you into an Olympia contender in 30 days or less. ¬†After 1000’s of dollars plunged into all the wrong pills and powders we’re happy to guide you through the crowd of wannabe supplements, to the real products that work.

Every wasted money on a cheap supplement that had NO effect? You owe it to your physique and your bank balance to read on.

The focus of the next few words is to provide you with access to the supplements that are capable of changing your life. These essential supplements are something that most of the athletes on Greatest Physiques will have sitting firmly in their stack…

1. Fat Burner


Can you imagine the feeling of walking down the beach, radiating energy and feeling tighter and sexier ab muscles than ever?

You might think this sort of feeling is reserved for the elite athletes and you and your cake munching, sofa loving habit will never get there. But you can.

A fat burner supplement can help you stop sneaking into the snack cupboards and burn through extra calories day in, day out. Even when you decide not to train.

Hundreds of athletes we’ve profiled use a fat burner to shred that excess weight and build the impressive lean physiques you see.

Can you really get that lean with a supplement?  

Honestly, it’s going to take a bit of work from your end. But trust us, a natural fat burner will work for you.

Check out our current favorite, favored by top UFC Fighter Diego Sanchez and Female Fitness model Alexia Clark.

Best Fat Burner

2. Protein


We always get asked our number #1 protein powder, and we are serious when we say we don’t use one.

More often than not any good diet will contain enough protein and lots of these supplementary products contain sugars and other additives which you don’t really need.

It’s worth remembering that alongside the empty calories in the sugar content, high levels of protein consumption can also cause your cortisol levels to rise. This stress hormone is bad news for testosterone levels and your weight and recovery.

Aim for 1 to 1.5 grams per kilo of bodyweight for optimal consumption. This amount is ideal for bodybuilders and endurance athletes. You do not need to worry about protein in every meal then either.

Egg whites, white meat, white fish and greek yoghurt are all great sources and can be fitted into most meal plans without the cost of protein powders.

3. Pre Workout


Ever wondered what it’s really like to be the most energized and powerful athlete in the weights room?

Pre workouts are all over the supplements industry, but sadly most will leave you feeling run down, lethargic and even depressed post workout.

In a minefield of products you’ve really got to be fully switched on to every ingredient and it’s effects. There’s tens of thousands.

So how do you find a side effect free pre workout, that delivers unparalleled focus, energy and power in the gym?

We’ve done the work for you. After studying countless athletes and their pre workouts of choice, we came to one conclusion…

Best Pre Workout

4. Testosterone Booster


Your testosterone is decreasing. What’s more frustrating is there isn’t much you can do to change it.

Ever felt lethargic, recovered slowly and just lost that ‘spark’ you had when you were hitting the gym when you were younger?

These are all classic symptoms of lower testosterone. The kicker is it can happen anytime in your twenties. So if you want to up your game in the weights room and the bed room, we have a suggestion.

Natural testosterone boosters. We’re not talking steroids here, but completely natural products that safely give your body the tools it needs to build up those test levels.

So if you want to give your body and life that masculine boost, you should check out our number #1.

Best Testosterone Booster

Greatest Physiques Diet Guide

Greatest-Physiques-Diet-PlanTo go alongside a rock solid set of supplements and good workout plan, there needs to be some form of nutritional plan.

Eating clean is the order of the day here. Eating clean and according to your goals.

The plan we’ve created is based around someone wanting to build up a bit of muscle mass. Be aware though, as everyone is different, we’d recommend finding out what works for you.

Investing in a quick meeting with a personal diet plan is always a great shout if you are serious about progress.

But if you are just wanting to pack on a bit of muscle and get the jist of what you should be eating to become one of the greatest then look no further.

We kept this as a spreadsheet to allow for easy editing.

Download Greatest Physiques Diet Plan