Prime Male V TestoFierce Review

Author: Matthew Smith

March 19th 2022

Suffering from low testosterone can seriously undermine your quality of life. Low energy, dampened libido, the inability to lose weight or build more muscle mass and reduced cognitive capacity are just a few of the negative effects of low testosterone.

In the past, people with low testosterone may have been driven to use potentially dangerous synthetic testosterone boosters, such as anabolic steroids, to gain more testosterone.

Today, we have natural remedies that can boost testosterone without all the dangerous side effects, in fact, without any side effects whatsoever.

Natural Testosterone Boosters

Natural testosterone boosters, or testosterone supplements, are made from a combination of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.

Primarily derived from plants that can help to increase the body’s ability to produce testosterone.

Unlike artificial test boosters, a natural testosterone booster will only support the body’s natural testosterone production, rather than saturating the body with synthetic testosterone.

If you are experiencing the effects of low testosterone then you might want to give a natural testosterone booster a try.

The only test boosters you should trust are those that clearly state their scientifically proven ingredients. If they are a quality product then they will have nothing to hide.

Two options you will want to consider are Testofierce and Prime Male. Both are 100% natural testosterone boosters that could help you to overcome your low testosterone problems.

They are both high-quality products but feature some key differences that you should take into account before making your choice.

Let’s examine those differences and determine which testosterone booster is right for you.

TestoFierce Review

Made by TruFierce, TestoFierce is a newcomer in the world of testosterone boosting supplements.

The product is focused on helping men to achieve their fitness goals in the gym. Along with Testofierce, Trufierce manufacture Shredfierce, for losing weight, and Prefierce, for a pre-workout energy boost.

Trufierce claim Testofierce will help you increase muscle mass, boost your metabolism, decrease blood sugar levels, increase your sex drive, and help you to retake control of your manhood.

All by giving you more testosterone via a combination of natural ingredients.

TestoFierce Review: Ingredients 

Testofierce contains 11 ingredients. Each one is known to have testosterone boosting properties or to enhance the overall formula.

Most of the ingredients work by aiding the body in carrying out natural processes more effectively resulting in the body being able to produce testosterone more effectively.

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) – 3000mg

The ingredient included at the highest dose in the dietary supplement Testofierce is D-Aspartic Acid.

Perhaps the most commonly found ingredient in t-boosters, D-Aspartic Acid has been shown, by numerous studies, to dramatically impact testosterone production.

One such study reported a 42% increase in testosterone levels in participants.

A serving of Testofierce contains 3000mg of D-Aspartic Acid, which is a healthy and effective dose that will help you build lean muscle mass and reduce excess body fat.

Fenugreek Seed Powder – 300mg

Fenugreek is another potent test boosting ingredient included in the Testofierce formula.

This common household spice from the Mediterranean has some exceptional qualities that have made it a popular herbal remedy for thousands of years.

It has been used medicinally by ancient Romans and ancient Chinese civilisations, to ease pains and prevent swelling.

It is now known, thanks to scientific research, that fenugreek is a formidable testosterone booster, helping the body to produce testosterone. Studies have shown fenugreek can boost testosterone production in men by between 46% and 99%.

It may also be effective as a form of appetite control, with some studies finding that taking fenugreek leads to reduced caloric intake. This could lead to weight loss, which is highly beneficial for testosterone.

Fenugreek has also been shown to increase libido significantly, possibly due to inhibition of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and increases in testosterone.

Fenugreek may also increase HDL cholesterol (or “good” cholesterol), which can help to reduce bad cholesterol but is also crucial for testosterone production.

HDL cholesterol is converted into testosterone in the testes.

Ashwagandha Root Powder – 300mg

One of the best testosterone boosting ingredients available is Ashwagandha root powder.

This is one of the few ingredients that appear to help boost testosterone in men with normal or even slightly high t-levels.

Studies have shown that Ashwagandha can help to increase your testosterone levels, it can also help with increasing muscle mass, bone density, and blood flow.

Allowing you to perform better in the gym, and see some serious muscle gains. Studies demonstrate that it combines really well with resistance training (weight lifting).

It is incredibly effective at improving mood, particularly in men with high stress or anxiety. A 2012 study found that Ashwagandha can improve stress resistance and therefore boost self-assessed quality of life.

It strongly protects against cortisol, which is very useful for men as high cortisol can lead to damage of the testes and a drop in testosterone production.

Ashwagandha is also highly effective at improving semen quality and libido. A 2009 study found a 14% increase in conception rates among couples who had infertility issues.

Studies have also found evidence that Ashwagandha can improve motivation, making it incredibly helpful for anyone who is dieting or trying to get some muscle gains.

Image by whaltns17 from Pixabay

Asian Ginseng Root Powder – 150mg

According to the TestoFierce website, Chinese armies used to use Asian ginseng powder before a battle. Considering that ginseng is known to be an incredibly effective erectile dysfunction cure, their enemies must have been terrified!

But it’s not just erections that can be improved, your mood and subjective wellbeing can also be raised after taking ginseng.

It can increase blood flow (not surprising if you think about it) and cognition, making it popular with nootropic fans.

It can increase testosterone, improve sleep quality, and reduce inflammation. It may also be able to lower LDL cholesterol.

Boron – 10mg

Boron is a trace mineral that appears to be quite effective at increasing free testosterone. It has also been found to reduce pain perception, allowing you to train harder for longer. It may help you to train with minor injuries or with DOMS.

BioPerine (Black Pepper Fruit Extract) – 5mg

Black pepper fruit extract is used to increase absorption, it may also improve circulation, but there is limited evidence so far.

Vitamin D

To its credit, TestoFierce contains a very high dose of vitamin D. Studies on the effect of vitamin D on testosterone levels in men have shown that higher doses are more effective.

Men given 3,333 IU of vitamin D daily for one year showed a significant increase in total testosterone levels, bioactive testosterone levels, and free testosterone levels.

Another study reported a significant increase in muscle strength and muscle mass in participants given between 4000 IU and 60,000 IU per week.

Vitamin K

The biggest benefit of vitamin K is that it strengthens bones. However, a deficiency of vitamin K can lead to a drop in testosterone. TestoFierce has therefore added it to help prevent such a deficiency from occurring.

Vitamin B6

One of the biggest benefits of vitamin B6 supplementation is an increased release of growth hormones in response to exercise.

This can increase muscle protein synthesis and lead to muscle growth. Studies have shown that vitamin B6 can help the body to increase tissue uptake of testosterone.


As with vitamin D and vitamin K, magnesium deficiency can lead to low testosterone. So including magnesium in your ingredients list is a no-brainer.

Magnesium supplementation also offers its own benefits. Helping to reduce blood pressure, improve aerobic exercise performance, and improve sleep quality. The last benefit has huge knock-on benefits for testosterone levels.


The main benefit of zinc is that it helps androgen receptors to become more efficient, working well with magnesium. It can also prevent the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

TestoFierce Review of Ingredients

Most of the ingredients used to make Testofierce are powerful test boosters. However, Testofierce’s particular formula relies on very standard test boosting ingredients and fails to include more unusual options that offer more varied benefits.

Erring on the side of caution, Testofierce’s formula is effective but lacks the extras offered by other products, such as Prime Male, as we shall see shortly.

TestoFierce Review: Quality Assurance

All the ingredients for Testofierce are sourced, produced, and packaged in the United States. Their facilities have been approved by the FDA and carry the cGMP, quality-assurance certificate.

This means you can be sure each bottle of Testofierce has been manufactured in safe, clean, and hygienic conditions, and that what it says on the label is really what is inside.

TestoFierce Review: Price

A month’s supply of Testofierce is $69, that’s about £52.

You can gain some worthwhile savings if you buy in bulk: purchase a three-month supply and you’ll save 31% over buying each month separately, and if you invest in a five-month supply you’ll save 53%.

Compared to other test boosters, the price of Testofierce is somewhere in the middle, not the cheapest but also not expensive.

How to Use TestoFierce

A month’s supply of Testofierce is 210 capsules.

The dosages given on the ingredients list are for a daily serving of seven capsules, so if you really want to feel the benefits associated with some of the higher doses offered by the Testofierce formula, then follow the recommended serving instructions.

Trufierce recommends taking seven capsules per day for best results. Take three capsules with your first meal, then two more with a snack, and two with the last meal of your day.

TestoFierce Review Summary

Testofierce looks like a good option for anyone looking to make gains in the gym. The formula is concentrated on muscle growth and other fitness gains.

What’s more, taken in concert with TruFierce’s other products, Shredfierce and Prefierce, then you have a great all-around gym supplement regimen.

However, if you’re looking for a wider variety of benefits, such as improved cardiovascular health, cognitive functioning, increased libido, alongside gym-focused benefits, then continue reading, because Prime Male offers all of this and more.

It is also worth considering that, while there are positive reviews from customers, Testofierce is new to the market and still relatively untested.

Though as a newcomer, Testofierce has done well to establish themselves and will no doubt improve upon their product as time goes on.

Prime Male

Prime Male, unlike Testofierce, is very much a tried and tested product and has been proven to increase natural testosterone production.

What’s more, customer reviews are extremely positive with many offering almost ecstatic praise.

We are now going to explore what makes Prime Male such a popular product, though we will avoid focusing on the giddy enthusiasm of the customers and instead take a look at the science behind the product.

In particular, what ingredients make Prime Male stand out when compared with an otherwise perfectly good test booster such as Testofierce.

Prime Male Ingredients Compared to Testofierce Ingredients

When examining the Prime Male and Testofierce ingredients lists side-by-side it becomes clear that there are indeed a few differences that need to be explored.

Zinc Oxide vs Zinc Citrate

Firstly, while both products contain an adequate – and equal – amount of zinc, Prime Male contains zinc citrate and TestoFierce includes zinc oxide.

Here’s the thing: zinc citrate has been shown to be much more effective than zinc oxide because the body is able to absorb it more effectively.

This means that, in citrate form, your body will actually get all the zinc it needs.

Meanwhile, in oxide form, you may well find that much of your zinc supplement is ending up being flushed down the toilet having been excreted through your urine.

A study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that participants given zinc citrate absorbed over 60% on average, while some participants given zinc oxide supplements did not absorb any of it.

Vitamin K1 vs Vitamin K2

The second advantage of Prime Male v Testofierce is that it contains vitamin K2. Having a vitamin K deficiency can seriously reduce testosterone levels.

TestoFierce, though it does contain vitamin K, does not specify the inclusion of the K2 variety of vitamin K.

The difference is important. Vitamin K1 has been shown to be ineffective at increasing testosterone. It is only vitamin K2 that has been scientifically proven to increase testosterone levels.

Therefore, when purchasing a t-booster, look for those, like Prime Male, that specifies the use of K2 in the ingredients.

As already mentioned, the Testofierce formula relies on common test boosting contents. Prime Male includes a few ingredients that are not usually found in t-boosters, but that offer substantial health benefits.

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Stinging Nettle Root Extract

The first of these is nettle root extract, 160mg of which is included in each serving of Prime Male.

Although Testofierce doesn’t include nettle extract, there are test boosters available that use nettle leaf extract, but the root is more potent.

Along with increasing testosterone by allowing more of it to freely circulate in your system, nettles include a compound called beta-sitosterol, which is known to increase testosterone production.

Nettle root also considerably improves prostate health, reduces inflammation, and may even help fight allergies.


Another key ingredient found in Prime Male is Luteolin, a citrus flavonoid. Luteolin is able to reduce levels of the female hormone estrogen by inhibiting aromatase, which is an enzyme essential for an important part of the process by which the body produces estrogen.

Luteolin has also been associated with indirectly boosting testosterone production by stimulating androgen production – testosterone is one of the two main androgens.

It does this by increasing Leydig cell steroidogenesis, or in other words, by increasing hormone production in the testes.

Increased Absorption

Lastly, Prime Male features double the dose of Bioperine that is included in TestoFierce.

Derived from black pepper, Bioperine works much the same as black pepper works when used in cooking, except where black pepper enhances the flavour of food, Bioperine magnifies the effectiveness of the testosterone boosting ingredients.

Since Bioperine is a formula enhancer, it is an important ingredient and needs to be included at a decent dose.

The dose of Bioperine in Prime Male increases the overall effectiveness of the formula by up to 20 times. Testofierce only has half the amount of Bioperine…you do the maths.

Prime Male Product Range

There are two Prime Male products. Prime Male Vitality, which we have so far been discussing, and Prime Male Enhance.

The former is a powerful, all-around testosterone booster that will give you more energy, increase muscle growth and strength, improve cardiovascular performance, and help you lose that unwanted excess body fat.

The latter is focused on increasing male virility by heightening your libido, and sexual performance.

The Trufierce product range is focused on gym training, Prime Male goes a step further, supporting you in the gym, the workplace, and the bedroom, with high energy, improved cognitive abilities, better sleep quality, and the ability to last longer.

Prime Male Enhance is packed with energy-boosting and libido stimulating natural ingredients, including saw palmetto, L-Arginine, ginseng, maca, and oat straw.

Each one of the ingredients is supported by scientific studies and chosen for its specific properties. What’s more, doses are well-balanced and transparent.

When used together, in combination with a balanced diet, the two Prime Male formulas constitute a whole-life package, offering much more than just a gym boost.

Prime Male Quality Assurance

Both Prime Male products are produced in FDA and cGMP certified facilities, ensuring the quality of the production process and the end product.

They are both safe and do not cause any side effects.

Prime Male Price

It might come as a shock, but Prime Male is actually more affordable than newcomer Testofierce. A one month supply of Prime Male is £39 and a four-month supply is £111.

As an established testosterone booster, Prime Male can afford to offer its premium product at a competitive price, bringing you the benefits without hurting your pocket.

Currently, it is also possible to purchase a three month supply combo package, including Prime Male Vitality and Enhance, for just £169, or a one-month combo supply for just £59.

How to Use Prime Male

Using Prime Male is simple and straightforward. It is recommended to take one capsule four times per day together with food. To achieve the best results you should take the capsules every day.

Prime Male Summary 

Prime Male is an extremely effective, scientifically-backed testosterone booster that offers a whole host of health benefits, from faster and better gains at the gym, to increased daily energy and libido.

Featuring carefully selected ingredients, each one demonstrably effective at boosting testosterone, reducing estrogen, and improving your health in a number of other ways, Prime Male stands out among the competition and in comparison to Testofierce.

In addition, Prime Male is a competitively priced natural testosterone booster, manufactured in certified facilities, and receives overwhelmingly positive customer reviews.

Which is right for you? TestoFierce v Prime Male

Having reviewed Testofierce and Prime Male in detail, it should be clear that Prime Male is the best testosterone booster.

That said, Testofierce is perfectly adequate for those of you who want to increase your performance in the gym and see better results faster.

But if you’re looking for more holistic health benefits (and at a more competitive price) then Prime Male is the obvious choice.

Prime Male offers the testosterone enhanced gym benefits available with Testofierce – though admittedly without the fat loss and pre-workout add-ons from Trufierce – and many additional health benefits on top.

With Prime Male, you can get shredded and build muscle mass and you can improve your sex drive, daily energy levels, confidence, and cognitive performance, giving you the extra boost you need to take your life to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which testosterone booster is best?

Both TestoFierce and Prime Male are effective test boosters, but Prime Male has slightly better ingredients and therefore wins out. Either product should provide you with excellent results if combined with lifestyle changes.

Does vitamin D help with testosterone?

Yes, a vitamin D deficiency (which can be very common) will lead to reduced testosterone. Supplementing with vitamin D has been shown to restore testosterone to ideal levels fairly rapidly.

Does zinc boost testosterone?

Rather than directly boosting testosterone, zinc helps to protect testosterone from being converted into estrogen. Over time, this will lead to you having higher testosterone levels.

How long does it take testosterone boosters to work?

This depends on the individual, but most people should start to notice a difference after around 6 weeks of consistent use. A few people may need a little longer.

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