Luke Haslett

Luke Haslett

Bodybuilder, Sports Scientist, REPS Personal Trainer

Competitive sprinting to high school rugby, Luke has chased his goals since he was a teenager. Knowing the dedication it takes to make it to the top, his detailed approach to training has landed him at the top of the fitness and modeling world.

With a drive and determination to carry on through injuries and life setbacks, Luke has completed a BSc in Sports Science and started a successful business based on personal training and coaching. He’s also become one of the most popular male models in the fitness industry.

With a taste of success and a thirst for knowledge, he continues to go from strength to strength, and this is his story:



“Everybody is different. Every body is different. We all have different needs, goals and desires.”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Luke Haslett
WeightYear of BirthNationalityProfession
185 - 195lbs (83.9 - 88.5kg)1989BritishBodybuilder, Sports Scientist, REPS Personal Trainer
Weight185 - 195lbs (83.9 - 88.5kg)
Year of Birth1989
ProfessionBodybuilder, Sports Scientist, REPS Personal Trainer


Luke Haslett

“The thing that excites me most about competing with the WBFF is the exceptional level of talent that competes within the federation. I very much believe in that to be the best you have to compete against the best… and the best of the best compete with the WBFF!”


Including the successful modeling portfolio Luke has under his belt, he’s also a Fully Qualified Sports Scientist, REPS Personal Trainer, WBFF Pro Fitness Model and Cover Model. Luke is also the Director of his very own Physique Consultant Online Training & Nutrition System, where he designs bespoke training programs for individuals wanting to transform their bodies into strong and powerful physiques.


Luke Haslett

“Never give up, chase your goals, live out your dreams”


Unfortunate Injury

Taking part in sports at a young age and playing competitively in many different teams at school such sprinting and rugby, where Luke later joined the team’s training program and first got the taste for weightlifting.

It all started when he experienced some unfortunate injuries as a competitive sprinter in high school. “I suffered a number of injuries that led me to give up competitive sprinting”.

After these unfortunate events Luke begun to focus on bodybuilding and looked at entering competitions but was again soon struck with another injury,“I began to focus on weight lifting as my main sport. I decided to enter my first physique competition and ended up suffering from a stomach ulcer 3 weeks out” 

From Rugby To WBFF Pro

“I have been into sport since I was young and played competitively in several different teams at school. I never had a six-pack and I always carried a little extra flab. When I went to university, I gained “the freshman 15”. I thought I had better do something about it so I started to work out. As I increased my knowledge both in the gym and with regard to nutrition and supplementation I started to see great results. I am fortunate enough that I now work in the industry I love as a nutrition consultant, with a bit of fitness modeling on the side.”

After a rough patch, Luke kept pushing and is now a WBFF Pro fitness model, REPS Personal Trainer, and a Fully Qualified Sports Scientist.

Luke’s long-term goal is to take 1st place at the WBFF World Championships in the Pro Muscle Model Division.


Luke Haslett

“I have a number of HIIT protocols that I incorporate within my training regimen. So I will simplify it down to my two favorites. The first is referred to as ‘Heart Action Intervals’ (HAI) and can be completed on any form of cardio vascular machine… The second of my HIIT protocols is extremely simple and is sprint track based. 10-15 sprints over 60 meters with walk back recoveries between sprints.”


Volume Training

Luke likes to focus on muscle hypertrophy and is a huge believer in German Volume Training (GVT), also known as Optimized Volume Training (OVT). GVT involves working on one muscle group at a time using 10 sets of 10 reps in each exercise.

Optimized Volume Training

OVT is a little different in the fact that it divides the reps into two exercises, thus becoming a superset. The reason Luke likes to use these methods is that it puts a huge amount of stress on the muscles forcing them to grow.

With Luke being a certified scientist and personal trainer, he knows his way around the gym and how to make the body grow in the best possible way, advising:

“The first exercise should be a compound movement eg. Squat, deadlift, bench press, barbell row. The first exercise will be performed for five repetitions before moving on to the second exercise which should be an isolation exercise for the target muscle. Again the second exercise is performed for five repetitions.”


As for cardio, Luke is a big fan of HIIT. Although he loves to hit the machines hard in the gym, he says that you can’t beat a type of sport to get the blood pumping and the fat burning such as a game of squash.

“I always prefer to do HIIT as opposed to LISS. The reason being is that I have a background as a track athlete so I tend to incorporate high-intensity intervals into my show/photo shoot prep for optimal fat loss results. Not to mention LISS bores me!”

Heart Action Intervals

Where Heart Action Intervals (HAI) differ from HIIT, is that the heart rate is monitored in a more controlled and precise way tailored to individual needs. For example: by calculating your maximum heart rate by taking 220 – your age, that will give you your maximum heart rate.

You will perform a burst of activity such as sprinting for 10-60 seconds, once completed, you will monitor your heart rate and wait until it has dropped to 60% of your maximum HR. The HAI session should last between 10-20 minutes. This way you won’t be pushing past your limits, resulting in a scientific and safe approach to fat loss.

“I have a number of HIIT protocols that I incorporate within my training regimen. So I will simplify it down to my two favorites. The first is referred to as ‘Heart Action Intervals’ (HAI) and can be completed on any form of cardio vascular machine, However, personally, I prefer to complete this session on either a treadmill or rowing machine. For this protocol, you will need a heart rate monitor.”

Luke Haslett

“My foods will vary on different days of the week. This would be a meal plan I would follow on perhaps two days of the week”


Luke’s meals are based around the typical bodybuilders diet, consisting of lean proteins, healthy carbs and good fats and vegetables, and plenty of water.

Luke’s Diet

Meal 1: 8 eggs scrambled (3 whole, 5 whites). 100g oatmeal, 2tbsp flaxseed, 1 tbsp cinnamon mixed with 200ml skimmed milk, 250g pineapple chunks, 1 multi vitamin, 1 calcium supplement, 1000mg vitamin C and 1 glucosamine supplement.

Meal 2: 200g chicken breast (steamed), 350g baby boiled potatoes, ½ avocado, 50g spinach, 100g broccoli and 1 cup of green tea.

Meal 3: 200g turkey steak (steamed), 50g spinach, 30g macadamia nuts and 150g broccoli.

Pre-workout: 1 serving of kre-alkalyn (I may also have a pre-workout drink depending on how I am feeling).

Workout: Sip essential amino acids throughout and drink water.

Meal 4 (PWO): 50g whey protein, 75g oatmeal, 20g maltodextrin, 10g L-glutamine mixed with water. 1 chromium picolinate, 1000mg vitamin C, 1 serving of kre-alkalyn.

Meal 5: 300g stir fry mix, 200g turkey steak, 30g almonds, cooked in 10ml olive oil.

Meal 6: 250g venison, 75g broccoli, 300g sweet potato,

Meal 7: 150g cottage cheese, 100g asparagus, 50g spinach, 180g salmon (steamed) and 3 servings of fish oil.

Luke Haslett

“Since I started training at the age of 16 years old I have always idolized one physique above all others… the great Frank Zane. I guess if anyone inspired me to compete it would be him.”

Idols and Influences

Like many of the fitness models and bodybuilders, there is usually an array of idols and influences that have inspired and motivated them to compete in bodybuilding. But for Luke, there is only one, and who better than the great Frank Zane.


Luke Haslett

“I am a big believer in fine tuning all of the above as opposed to prioritizing certain factors. Nutrition, sleep, training protocols and supplementation all must work in unison to for muscle growth and recovery to be optimal.”

What we can learn from Luke Haslett

The biggest characteristic of Luke’s that stands out above the rest if that no matter what, don’t give up! if you have an injury or any uncertainties that get in your way, don’t hold back and keep on going. Set your mind on your future goals and make them happen.

With countless injuries and setbacks, Luke has risen to the challenge and taken the necessary steps to turn his goals into a reality. With the right attitude and determination not to give up, you too can achieve a physique of greatness.

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