Greatest Physiques : Athlete Suggestions

Is there an athlete you want us to write about? Someone you'd love to see up on Greatest Physiques alongside Arnold, Ferrigno, Paige Hathaway and others?

Comment below with who you want to see on the website and include a link to their social media channels/web page too.

We are happy to cover any athlete or social media personality, provided they HAVE an exceptional physique.

Want to suggest yourself? Feel free.
Miguel Seijo McMahon AKA The Cobra Commander also the Ferrari of Europe. He won Mr.Spain, 3rd in Amateur Olympia and at 43 years old his aesthetics and shape blow away some 20 year olds. He 20180315_135505.jpg 20180308_072133.jpg made his comeback in 2017 after 20 years away from Bodybuilding and he doesn't look a day over 25!
I would like to suggest Eero Westerberg, Head Coach at Vahva Fitness. Eero's bio can be found at the following link:

Eero also has developed a program called Movement20XX. As per the Vahva Fitness website, "Eero's style of training is a little bit of everything (movement) with a heavy emphasis on functionality, mobility, structural balance and athleticism - your ability to move and move well."

Robert Wilson

Bodybuilder/Fitness Model
Although I am a bodybuilder, when I was younger I played a lot of hockey. There are 3 NHL hockey players that were
built like bodybuilders. The first was Gordie Howe, Bobby Hull and Tim Horton.

Train hard, but smart

Robert Wilson

Former Personal Trainer