Elton Pinto Mota

Elton Pinto Mota is a professional bodybuilder and fitness model from London, England. Elton started his fitness journey playing sports

Su Farrell

Su Farrell is the 2011 World Powerlifting Champion (Under 60kg) and a WBFF Pro Figure competitor. Su first embarked on

Vivi Viviane Winkler

Viviane “Vivi” Winkler is a well-known fitness model and bodybuilder from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. She rose to the top

Jon Skywalker

Born in 1993, Jon Skywalker is a popular fitness model and comedian with an astonishing transformation story. He went from

Jeff Dingo

Jeff Dingo is an IFBB professional bodybuilder, fitness model, and a personal trainer from Birmingham, England. Through years of sacrifice

Nicole Capurso

Nicole Capurso is a CrossFit athlete who’s won a string of competitions and titles, including the title of the 2016

Dayene Dias

From Rio de Janeiro, Dayene Dias is a lifeguard, MMA fighter, and a fitness model. She’s known in Brazil as

Jujimufu Jon Call

Jon Call AKA Jujimufu is a well-known acrobatics expert with a bodybuilding approach to training. Jon first became famous after

Caitlin Rice

Caitlin Rice is a model and fitness icon who inspired millions of followers on social media. She began posting pictures

Jesse Norris

Jesse Norris is an American powerlifter and bodybuilder who holds multiple powerlifting world records in his weight class (198lbs). He’s