Jack LaLanne

Jack LaLanne has been known around the world as the “Godfather of Fitness” and the“First Fitness Superhero” who brought gyms, and

Steph-Pacca posing with her glutes and legs flexed for a photoshoot.

Steph Pacca

Born in 1993 and raised in Perth & Sydney (Australia), Steph Pacca is a respected personal trainer and fitness model. Even

Jena frumes sititng on a balcony wearing a bikini

Jena Frumes

Jena Frumes is an Instagram celebrity and actress from New Jersey, USA. She’s attracted an extremely large following across social media,

zane watson profile picture

Zane Watson

Zane Watson is an IFBB professional bodybuilder from Hamilton, Canada. He managed to reach the Mr Olympia weekend stage, and


Alex Silver Fagen

Alex Silver Fagan is a personal trainer, fitness & spokesmodel, sponsored athlete and social media star from New Jersey (USA).

josef rakich profile picture

Josef Rakich

Josef Rakich is a personal trainer and social media personality from Auckland. New Zealand. He’s made a name for himself

Layne Norton profile picture, where he stands in front of the audience on the bodybuilding stage, in a most muscular pose, with a title-winning medal around his neck

Layne Norton

Layne Norton aka (biolayne) is an entrepreneur, physique coach, bodybuilder, and powerlifter from Tampa, Florida. He holds the world record for

Valia Ayyar standing with a chain around her neck wearing gym clothes looking strong and healthy

Valia Ayyar

Valia Ayyar is a Detroit, Michigan NPC Bikini competitor, who’s risen to the top of the fitness, and modelling world