Luke Hayes

Luke Hayes is a bodybuilder and personal trainer from Cambridge, England. He suffered an injury in his childhood, which forced

Wioletta Pawluk

Wioletta Pawluk is a Polish-born fitness model. She pursued a career in modelling after graduating from College, moving to New York,

Denis Sergovskiy

Denis Sergovskiy’s passion for fitness first developed when he was 13. He started lifting weights to supplement his performance in

Ako Rahim

Ako Rahim is a Swedish born fitness model and athlete. Ako’s journey started when he was 6 years old through

Patrícia Spezia

Patrícia Spezia is a Brazilian online coach and the Body Fitness competitor for the IFBB. She’s the Vice Champion of

Rachel Shimon

Born in Russia, and raised in America, Rachel Vera Shimon is a model and a bikini competitor. She first became involved in fitness

Marco Laterza

Marco Laterza was a promising gymnast growing up. However, when he was 16, Marco injured his knee during one of his

Renata Benigno

From Germany, Renata Benigno is a professional figure competitor. She’s the IFBB Bodyfitness World Champion and the Vice Ms. Olympia

Stu Mac

Stu Mac is a British fitness model and a personal trainer who grew up on a small island far away

Kryss DeSandre

Kryss DeSandre is a bikini athlete from Utah (USA). She began her journey after becoming unhappy with her figure during