Femme Felis

Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, Femme Felis is a fitness icon. She inspires fans around the world, by posting pictures

Ashley Kaltwasser

Ashley Kaltwasser needs no introduction – she’s the first athlete to win 3 Ms. Bikini Olympia titles in the history

Ash Edelman

From coal miner to professional bodybuilder, Ash Edelman has become a fitness icon after sculpting a great physique. He entered

Nicole Mejia

Nicole Mejia is well known for her natural curves and amazing physique. She’s attracted admirers around the world, becoming a social

Colin Wayne

From skinny high school student to staff Sargent in the military, Colin has been through a lot. He was hit

Stefanie Macherhammer

Stefanie Macherhammer is an online star from Austria, known for her amazing figure. She regularly posts photos and videos of her

Leo Robert

Leo Robert made history by becoming the first Canadian to win the Mr. Universe competition. Although less known than the golden era

Len Archambault

Born in Weymouth, Massachusets, Lenny H. Archambault Jr. was one of the most iconic bodybuilders during the 1970’s. Since his teenage years,

Lita Lewis

Australian born Lita Lewis is a fitness model, personal trainer, and promoter of being “Thick and Fit”. She first started

Olly Foster

Olly Foster is a UK cover model, personal trainer, author, ex-rugby player, and TPI Certified Golf Trainer. Olly started his fitness